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HMS Unconquered (CL-16) is a Light Cruiser and the oldest active duty warship in the Royal Manticoran Navy.[1]. Her current commanding officer is RADM Dame Lori Bonilla, Baroness Fair Isle .


Commissioned in 1649 PD[1], Unconquered was first commanded by Edward Saganami; it was his first hyper-capable command. Unconquered's final commanding officer was Ellen D'Orville, followed by an order to transfer the ship to the reserve fleet, where Unconquered remained for a century. She was scheduled for scrapping after her service, but was saved through a massive fundraising effort of the Royal Navy League to effect a repair and restoration project, preserving the ship back to her Saganami-era state. Once the project was completed, she remained in a parking orbit above Manticore as a memorial and living history museum.[2]

Shipboard Positions

After the Royal Navy League managed to rescue Unconquered from scrapping following reserve duty, it was determined that given the ship's illustrious history, it would be considered a high honor to be assigned as a member of her crew. Crew membership did not require the honoree to physically crew the vessel; it was merely an additional billet afforded to the honoree which entitled them to wear the HMS UNCONQUERED tab placed above the honoree's actual assignment shoulder insignia.

The Commanding Officer of Unconquered was traditionally a senior active duty RMN flag officer, chosen by the Crown from a list of nominations voted on by the Navy's serving officers. In 1920 PD Admiral Honor Harrington was appointed CO of Unconquered upon the retirement of Admiral Massengale.[2] The CO of Unconquered was the only RMN flag officer who was allowed to wear the white beret of a hyper-capable ship's CO.


Within The Royal Manticoran Navy: The Official Honor Harrington Fan Association, Inc., assignment to Unconquered is one of the highest honors for members of the Navy and Marine Corps; crewmembers are considered to exemplify the very best in unswerving duty and service to the entire organization, with demonstrated and conspicuous accomplishment and achievement. Eligibility for consideration is limited to members of the Royal Manticoran Navy and the Royal Manticoran Marine Corps; other branches within the organization have their own, similar societies. Each year, a "class" of inductees is named in the fall months, usually at HonorCon in late October. The full list is announced via email and social media after the awards ceremony by the Bureau of Ships. Crewmember appointments are permanent; however, the appointment as Commanding Officer lasts for one year.[3] The transfer of command is typically announced at Honorcon in Autumn. Admiralty Order 1511-04 established the position of a "Permanent Commanding Officer" of Unconquered, above that of the Commanding Officer. The current and first Permanent CO is David Weber.[4]


Those holding a billet of ship commanding officer or above may submit worthy nominees to the Third Space Lord when nominations are solicited (usually July or August until September or October). A committee made up of the members of the Bureau of Ships will consider all submitted nominations for intense vetting. Crewmembers are voted upon in committee, while the Commanding Officer is submitted to the Royal Council for final consideration and selection. Those nominations not selected are traditionally transmitted to the Bureau of Personnel for consideration of a post-nominal award.

Commanding Officer of Unconquered

Being appointed as Commanding Officer of HMS Unconquered affords all honors bestowed upon any other command of a hyper-capable craft. The CO is entitled to wear the white beret for the duration of their appointment, and can add a hyper star to their uniform. The duration of the Annual Commanding Officer is one year, usually from one HonorCon to the next, unless otherwise indicated. The Permanent Commanding Officer appointment lasts until such time as the First Lord of the Admiralty deems it necessary to appoint a new officer to the position.

So far, tradition seems to dictate that the annual appointment is only once per lifetime; no officer has been appointed to this position more than once in the organization's history.

List of Permanent Commanding Officers

Year Name
2015 FADM Sir David Weber, Grand Duke New Montana

List of Annual Commanding Officers

Year Name
2011 Scott A. Akers
2012 RADM Sir Antonio Lopes
2013 RADM Tom Pope, Baron Allegheny-Mellon
2014 VADM Sir Daniel Walker, Baron Mars-Evans
2015 John Roberts
2016 RADM Dame Laura Lochen, Countess Boundary Waters
2017 VADM Sir John Neitz, Earl of Westmarch
2018 RADM Dame Christa Brolley, Baroness New Dover
2019 VADM Dame Diane Bulkeley, Baroness New Essex
2020 RADM Sir Matthew Parker, Earl Camera Stellata
2021 RADM Sir Doss Buckalew, Baron New Greyhawke
2022 RADM Dame Lori Bonilla, Baroness Fair Isle
2023 VADM Sir Colin Lloyd, Baron New Ayers

Crew Manifest


Billet Name Inducted Assignment
Permanent Commanding Officer FADM Sir David Weber, Grand Duke New Montana 2015 HMS Duke of Cromarty
Commanding Officer VADM Sir Colin Lloyd, Baron New Ayers 2017 Deputy Sixth Space Lord, Bureau of Training
Executive Officer RADM Dame Lori Bonilla, Baroness Fair Isle 2019 HMS Minotaur
Ship's Bosun CSMCPO Sir William Lochen, Earl of Boundary Waters, Baron of La Mancha 2012 CSMCPO, Bureau of Planning
HMS Invincible
Operations Officer RADM Dame Christa Brolley, Baroness New Dover 2016 HMS Hector
Assist. Operations Officer CDRE Sir Doss Buckalew, Baron New Greyhawke 2018 HMS Tristram
Chief Operations Specialist CDRE Sir Matthew Miller 2018 HMS Gallant
Operations Specialist LTSG Elizabeth Cant, GSN 2012 GNS Albion
Operations Specialist RADM Edward Wandall 2017 Commandant Saganami Island Naval Academy
Operations Specialist CDRE Zach Perkins 2016 HMS Penelope
Intelligence Officer FADM Dame Laura Lochen, Countess of Boundary Waters, Baroness of La Mancha 2012 First Space Lord,
Admiralty House
Assist. Intelligence Officer RADM Sir Kim Niemeyer, Baron Bahia Cadiz 2015 Fifth Space Lord, Bureau of Personnel
Admiralty House
Intelligence Warrant Officer CWO Michael Cucchiarella† 2015 HMS Invincible
Chief Intelligence Specialist CAPTSG Steven Firestine 2017 HMS Duke of Cromarty
Intelligence Specialist LCDR Jules Howard 2013 HMS Valkyrie
Intelligence Specialist CAPTSG Jackie Snedden 2017 Commanding Officer, HMS Enterprise
Intelligence Specialist ADM Chrissy Killian, Countess Fontana Flats 2017 Commanding Officer, Tenth Fleet
Intelligence Specialist CAPTSG Pamela Cole Baroness New Florence 2020 HMS Grendelsbane, JAG Ombudsman
Intelligence Specialist LCDR Patrick Giese 2022 HMS Invincible


Billet Name Inducted Assignment
Administration Officer VADM Sir Michael D. Garcia, Baron McCovey Cove 2015 Deputy First Space Lord,
HMS Medusa
Assist. Admin Officer CDRE Sir Jerald Andry III 2018 HMS Barbarossa
Chief Yeoman
Yeoman CAPTSG Sir Jamey Salsberg 2018 HMS Invincible
Chief Personnelman RADM Sir Antonio Lopes 2012 HMS Gryphon
Personnelman RADM Sir David Misener 2021 Bureau of Personnel
Chief Navy Counselor CAPTJG Emily Herron 2013 HMS Invincible
Navy Counselor CDR Dame Dora Ann Erikson 2018 HMS Javelin
Navy Counselor CAPTSG Sir Paul McPherson 2021 Sidemore Station
Navy Counselor


Billet Name Inducted Assignment
Logistics Officer LTSG Anne Zecca, GSN 2011 GNS Nathan
Assist. Logistics Officer CDRE Sir Joseph Harney 2017 CO BATRON 2
Chief Storekeeper RADM Heidi Nelson, Baroness Redstone 2017 Seventh Space Lord
Supply Clerk ADM Dame Brandi Hinson, Countess Nya Östergötland 2013 HMS Werewolf
Chief Steward CAPT Mark West, GSN 2012 HMS Valhalla
Steward's Mate CWO Jack Warren 2015 HMS Werewolf
Steward's Mate
Steward's Mate
Chief Disbursing Clerk CAPTJG Dame Cindy Epard, Baroness Cape Fear 2015 HMS Werewolf
Disbursing Clerk
Disbursing Clerk
Disbursing Clerk


Billet Name Inducted Assignment
Tactical Officer RADM Sir Zachary White 2015 HMS Achilles
Assist. Tactical Officer CDRE Sir James Kratzer 2011 Commanding Officer, BatCruDiv 111
HMS Heracles
Weapons Officer VADM Sir John Neitz, Earl of Westmarch 2012 Commanding Officer, Second (Gryphon) Fleet
Assist. Weapons Officer CDRE Sir Sherman Day 2015 Commanding Officer Task Force 22
HMS Demon
Chief Gunner's Mate RADM Sir Wayne Bruns, Earl of Cappanarrow 2013 Provost Mannheim University, Bureau of Training
HMS Imperatrix
Gunner's Mate RADM Sir Jon Stout 2014 Commanding Officer, Home Fleet
Gunner's Mate LCDR Ed Cook 2019 HMS Barbarossa
Gunner's Mate
Chief Missile Technician SMCPO Ken O'Dell 2014 HMS Excalibur
Missile Technician
Missile Technician
Missile Technician
Chief Beam Weapons Technician SCPO Sir Derek Sauls 2015 HMS Gryphon
Beam Weapons Technician
Beam Weapons Technician
Beam Weapons Technician
Combat Systems Officer CAPTSG Garret Bitker 2016 Commandant Astro Control Service
HMS Unicorn
Assist. Combat Systems Officer
Chief Sensor Technician RADM Michael Romero 2014 Commanding Officer, Third Fleet
Sensor Technician
Sensor Technician
Sensor Technician
Chief Fire Control Technician
Fire Control Technician
Fire Control Technician
Fire Control Technician
Chief Tracking Specialist
Tracking Specialist CDRE Dame Jill McTavish 2013 Commanding Officer, BatRon 1
HMS Valkyrie
Tracking Specialist
Tracking Specialist


Billet Name Inducted Assignment
Chief Engineering Officer AotF Sir Martin Lessem, Duke New Scania 2011 First Lord of the Admiralty
Assist. Engineering Officer S1C Sir Eugene Haggarty 2011 HMS Phantom
Assist. Engineering Officer RADM Stephanie Taylor-Morgan, Baroness Havelok 2012 Fifth Space Lord, Bureau of Personnel
Admiralty House
Assist. Engineering Officer CAPTSG Jan Cabrnoch 2014 HMS Iwo Jima
Chief Impeller Technician CDRE Sir Christopher Thompson 2015 Third Space Lord, Bureau of Ships
HMS Valkyrie
Impeller Technician
Impeller Technician
Impeller Technician
Chief Power Technician CDR Brian Harris 2013 Commandant of the Remote Testing Institute, Bureau of Training
HMS Excalibur
Power Technician SMCPO William Underhill 2015 HMS Callisto
Power Technician
Power Technician
Chief Gravitics Technician CAPTJG Zachary McCauley 2015 HMS Intrepid
Gravitics Technician
Gravitics Technician
Gravitics Technician
Chief Environmental Technician CAPTSG Dame Kerry Kuhn 2023 Commanding Officer HMS Hexapuma
Environmental Technician
Environmental Technician
Environmental Technician
Chief Damage Control Technician RADM Sir Dave Weiner, Baron Serpents Head Point 2015 Bureau of Personnel
HMS Achilles
Damage Control Technician SCWO Sir Ryan Gale 2013 HMS Intrepid
Damage Control Technician RADM Sir Ashley Nichols 2018 HMS Barbarossa
Damage Control Technician CAPTJG Samuel Deitzmann 2020 HMS Demon, Task Force 22 Flag Captain
Chief Hydroponics Technician VADM Dame Cindy Van Wyhe, Baroness Long Beach 2017 Chief of Staff to the FLA
Hydroponics Technician CAPTSG Danielle Erikson 2018 HMS Merlin
Hydroponics Technician
Hydroponics Technician


Billet Name Inducted Assignment
Communications Officer CDRE Penny Horwitz, GSN 2012
Assist. Communications Officer CAPTSG Dame Elisa Randall, Countess of New Cumbria 2014 Ambassador to BatCruRon 39
Assist. Communications Officer ADM Sir Robert W. Bulkeley, Jr., Duke Mountain View 2015 Commanding Officer Eighth Fleet
Chief Communications Technician CDRE Dame Cheryl Krause 2014 HMS Invincible
Communications Technician CAPTJG Marcus Johnston 2015 Editor-in-Chief, Bureau of Communications
Communications Technician RADM Sir Michael Timko 2019 Deputy Fourth Space Lord, GNS Hector Ferelli
Communications Technician CAPTJG Alice Fawcett 2018 HMS Rigel
Chief Electronics Technician CDRE Sir Geoffrey Strayer 2018 HMS Demon
Electronics Technician
Electronics Technician
Electronics Technician
Chief Data Systems Technician Flotadm Laura Sophia Luschen, IAN 2013 Senior Military Advisor for the Imperial Andermani Navy
Data Systems Technician CDR Sir Robert Gartner† 2014 HMS Invincible
Data Systems Technician SMCPO Sir Shon Elliott 2016 HMS Medusa
Data Systems Technician

Astrogation & Flight Operations

Billet Name Inducted Assignment
Astrogation Officer VADM Sir Eric Schulman 2012 Speaker of the House of Commons
HMS Hector
Assist. Astrogator Officer LTSG Kaye Downing, GSN 2011 GNS Nathan
Assist. Astrogator Officer RADM Martyn Griffiths, GSN, Steadholder Pittman 2012 GNS Albion
Assist. Astrogator Officer CAPTJG William J. Knight, RMN, Baron White Lion 2015 HMS Implacable
Chief Helmsman CDR Sir Drew Drentlaw, Baron Glencairn 2013 HMS Enterprise
Helmsman LCDR Andrew Martin 2014 HMS Beowulf
Helmsman CDRE James Jones 2016 HMS Thunderer
Helmsman CDR Lisa Wiedemann 2022 HMS Vixen
Chief Plotting Specialist SMCPO Dame Jacia Bruns 2015 HMS Imperatrix
Plotting Specialist CWO Andrew Sivula 2017 HMS Hector
Plotting Specialist CDRE Sir Colin Lloyd 2017 Deputy Sixth Space Lord, Bureau of Training
Plotting Specialist SMCPO Lori Bonilla 2019 HMS Minotaur
Boat Bay Officer CDRE Sir Justin Grays, Baron New Victoria 2012 HMS Intrepid
Chief Coxswain SMCPO Christopher Baye 2016 Bosun, HMS Hellhound
Coxswain RADM Sir Michael Paquette 2014 HMS Hector
Coxswain RADM Sir Daniel J. Brandow 2015 Eighth Fleet DFCO, HMS Implacable


Billet Name Inducted Assignment
Chief Medical Officer ADM Sir James Friedline, Earl Neu Odenwaldkreis 2012 Sixth Space Lord, Bureau of Training
Assist. Medical Officer LTSG Ian Tregale 2012 GNS Mercy
Chief Nurse RADM Dame Diane Bulkeley, Countess New Essex 2015 Second Space Lord Bureau of Planning
HMS Enterprise
Chief Corpsman CAPTJG Dame Carolyn Crutchfield 2018 SIA TSC Medical Department Chair
CO HMS Achilles
Corpsman SMCPO Sir Thomas Coonradt 2014 HMS Andromeda
Corpsman CAPTSG Dame Sonja Thiede 2018 HMS Guadalcanal
Corpsman RADM Sir Matthew Parker, Earl Camera Stellata 2020 Judge Advocate General
Chief Sick Berth Attendant CAPTJG Sir Steven Rosenthal 2016 HMS Barbarossa
Sick Berth Attendant
Sick Berth Attendant
Sick Berth Attendant

Marine Detachment

Billet Name Inducted Assignment
Commanding Officer LTGEN Michael Houghtaling, RMMC 2019 Deputy Marine Forces Command
Executive Officer MGEN James "AJ" Olsen, RMMC 2019 4th Space Lord
Platoon Leader SGTMAJ Gregory Marchand, RMMC, Baron Tesseyman 2013 HMS Invincible
Platoon Sergeant MOTC Sir Sean Niemeyer, RMMC Duke New Ulyanovsk 2013 Marshal of the Corps, Royal Manticoran Marine Corps
London Point
Platoon Clerk MSGT Stanislav Cech, RMMC 2013 HMS Iwo Jima
First Squad Leader COL Andrew Knipe, RMMC 2013 GNS Albion
First Squad Marine BRGEN Joseph Grieco, RMMC 2016 Commandant, Royal Manticoran Marine Academy
First Squad Marine BRGEN Shirley Kunz, RMMC 2018 HMS Wolf
First Squad Marine LTCOL William Farley, RMMC 2018 HMS Medusa
Second Squad Leader COL Bryar Nelson, RMMC 2013 Chief of Staff to the Marshal of the Corps
HMS Invincible
Second Squad Marine COL Shawn Merrow, RMMC 2018 HMS Eardsidh Kamerling
Second Squad Marine
Second Squad Marine
Third Squad Leader GEN Sonja Wolf, RMMC 2013 Commanding Officer, Marine Forces Command
London Point
Third Squad Marine MSGT David Campbell 2019 MARDET Barbarossa
Third Squad Marine MAJ Evan Roth 2019 MARDET Barbarossa, Kings College
Third Squad Marine
Unassigned Marine LTCOL Jeremiah Patrick, RMMC 2015 HMS Tartarus
Unassigned Marine MAJ Leah Bloodgood, RMMC 2015 HMS Invincible
Armory Sergeant COL Robert Folden, RMMC 2018 HMS Invictus
Armory Corporal BGEN Geoffrey Kramer, RMMC 2019 Commanding Lynx Regiment, 10th Expeditionary Force

Non-Billeted Crewmembers

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