HMS Penelope (BC-585)

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HMS Penelope (BC-585) is a Nike-class Battlecruiser within First Fleet. Commanded by CAPTSG John Rebori, Penelope claims New York, NY as her charter city.


In September of 2014 Penelope commissioned in First Fleet out of Fishkill, NY under the command of Captain of the List Michael Spath. This was a downsizing from HMS Chimera due to officer requirements; said LAC Carrier was subsequently assigned to the Active Reserve.[1] HMS Penelope operated indepenedently for just over a year, when in October of 2015, she was incorporated into the newly-established Battle Cruiser Division 112 (BatCruDiv 112), a subunit of Battlecruiser Squadron 11; her operating partner, HMS Rigel took Flag position, while the pair of battlecruisers were screened by HMS Snow Leopard.[2]

In July 2016, command shifted to then-Bosun John Rebori, who was breveted to Captain, Junior Grade.[3] Penelope has remained so since, making her one of the longest contiguously-serving vessels in the fleet at, as of this writing, nearly a decade. HMS Penelope holds monthly-to-bimonthly virtual meetings, wherein the crew meets up to discuss a variety of topics.

Commanding Officers

# Name Assumed Relieved
1 CAPTSG Michael Spath 19 September 2014 30 July 2016
2 CAPTSG John Rebori 30 July 2016 Incumbent

Crew Lineage

Command Staff

Ship's Honors


Royal unit citation for gallantry (ribbon).png
  • Royal Unit Citation for Gallantry: Awarded 07 August 2022, by order of Rear Admiral of the Green Jon Stout in his capacity as 1FCO, "for outstanding group performance as the highest achieving X Fleet chapter in the 2022 8th Fleet/IAN Marksmanship Challenge event".[5]

Ship's Orders

NOTE: This Wiki is the authoritative source for orders per the Fourth Space Lord. All orders have been provided by the issuing authority or are as posted in the TRMN Forums.

Ship's Orders are subordinate to, and expand upon or amplify Admiralty Orders, Naval Directives, and First Fleet Orders. They are applicable to Penelope operations and personnel.

Order No. Effective Date Subject Status
HMS Penelope Ship's Order 1608-24 24 August 2016 Place Holder for Future Orders Inactive


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