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Battlecruiser (BC)
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A battlecruiser (HCS: BC) is a type of warship.

Pod-laying battlecruisers

The Royal Manticoran Navy developed the Agamemnon-class of battlecruiser designed to deploy missile pods, greatly increasing the size of their missile volleys. These ships are often referred to as a "pod-laying battlecruiser," or "battlecruiser (pods)" BC(P) in order to distinguish them from earlier conventional broadside missile armament battlecruisers.

Royal Manticoran Navy

The following classes are of the battlecruiser type and are currently in the service of the Royal Manticoran Navy:

Class Year (PD)
Redoubtable-class 1786
Homer-class 1863
Reliant-class 1896
Agamemnon-class 1920
Nike-class 1920

Grayson Space Navy

Class Year (PD)
Tomkin-class 1903
Courvoisier-class 1904
Hill-class 1905
Convert-class 1913
Courvoisier-II-class 1919

Imperial Andermani Navy

Republic of Haven Navy

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Homer (BC) Homer (lead) - Atropos
Nike (BC) Artemis - Beowulf - Callisto - Excalibur - Horatius - Juno - Musashi - Penelope - Rigel - Truculent
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Grayson Space Navy
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