Imperial Andermani Navy

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The Imperial Andermani Navy (abbrev: IAN) is one of the alliance navies and a branch option for members of The Royal Manticoran Navy: The Official Honor Harrington Fan Association, Inc. (TRMN). The German language name is Kaiserliche Kriegsmarine. [1]

The IAN is modeled after the organization of the same name in Honorverse canon, which is the space navy of the Andermani Empire.[2]

A characteristic of the IAN which distinguishes it from other TRMN components is the use of German language, including ranks, ship names, and orders. The prefix for IAN ship names is SMS (Seiner Majestät Schiff trans. His Majesty's Ship).

As a component of the TRMN the IAN was originally formed to give our German speaking members a home in the organization that was rooted in the Honorverse Canon. The group grew to include a chapter in the United States. Since then the group has expanded into the second largest Allied Navy in the TRMN with members in Germany, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and the United States. The service is growing with opportunities for people who are dedicated to find positions in leadership or to start new chapters.[3]

Flag of the Groβadmiral der Flotte

IAN Leadership

The commanding officer of the IAN is the Groβadmiral der Flotte.

The senior enlisted spacer of the IAN is the Oberstabsbootsmann der Flotte.

List of Groβadmirals der Flotte

No. Name Assumed Relieved
1 Philip Wohlrab, Freiherr Baudenvost 17 January 2019 [4] 15 January 2022
2 David Westover, Freiherr Hohenheim 15 January 2022 [5] Incumbent

IAN Headquarters

  • Groβadmiral der Flotte: David Westover, Freiherr Hohenheim
  • Deputy Groβadmiral der Flotte: Konteradmiral Samuel Dietzmann, Baron Wolf Point[6]
  • Oberstabsbootsmann der Flotte: Vacant


Order of Battle

Seventh Fleet reports to IAN command.

The Holding Chapter is SMRS Hohenzollern (SMRS-01)


The German language rank names for IAN personnel are as follows:[8]


Rank Code Rank Abbrev
E-1 Gefreiter GEFR
E-2 Obergefreiter OGEFR
E-3 Hauptgefreiter HGEFR
E-4 Maat MT
E-5 Obermaat OMT
E-6 Bootsmann B
E-7 Oberbootsmann OB
E-8 Hauptbootsmann HB
E-9 Stabsbootsmann SB
E-10 Oberstabsbootsmann OSB
E-10 Oberstabsbootsmann der Flotte OSBF


Rank Code Rank Abbrev
O-1 Leutnant der Sterne LdS
O-2 Oberleutnant der Sterne OLdS
O-3 Kapitänleutnant KL
O-4 Korvettenkapitän KK
O-5 Fregattenkapitän FK
O-6 Kapitän der Sterne KdS

Flag Rank

Rank Code Rank Abbrev
F-1 Flotillenadmiral FADM
F-2 Konteradmiral KADM
F-3 Vizeadmiral VADM
F-4 Admiral ADM
F-5 Großadmiral GADM
F-6 Großadmiral der Flotte GdF

Rank Flags for IAN Admirals

Flotillenadmiral Konteradmiral Vizeadmiral
Admiral Großadmiral Großadmiral der Flotte

Officer Cadets

Additionally, there is the billet of Kadett (abbrev. SK for Sternekadett) for officer candidates at the academy, equivalent to the RMN's billet of Midshipman, Midshipwoman, Midshipperson. [9]. See AO 2307-09 for more details.

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