Impeller Technician

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Impeller Technician (abbrev IT) is an enlisted technical specialty or rating utilized by the Royal Manticoran Navy.


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Impeller Technicians operate, maintain, and repair ship's propulsion systems. This includes manning the ship's impeller rooms and care for hyper drive generators and Alpha and Beta impeller nodes. Impeller Technicians fall under the Propulsion Group within the Engineering Department.[1]

Historical Overview

The closest real-world parallels would be the USN's wikipedia:Machinist's Mate: Machinist's Mate (MM) and Gas Turbine System Technician (GS) ratings. Both of these ratings are focused on operation and maintenance of main propulsion systems, either steam (including nuclear), or gas turbines. The scope of their responsibility encompasses the entire main propulsion system - engines, gearboxes, main shafts, propellers - as well as supporting ancilliary systems such as fuel boost pumps, air compressors, main lubricating oil systems, as well as related control systems and instrumentation.

Similarly, in the Royal Navy, the equivalent to an Impeller Technician would be the Engineering Technician[2], and in the Royal Canadian Navy, the Marine Engineer[3] trade.

TRMN Training Information

Members desiring to qualify to serve at the different skill levels within the Impeller Technician's department must pass the following exams and prerequisites:[1]

Bureau of Training Information for Impeller Technician
Course Name Course Code Prerequisite(s)

Basic Impeller Technician
"A" School
SIA-SRN-14A SIA-RMN-0001 (Basic Enlisted)[4]

Advanced Impeller Technician
"C" School
SIA-SRN-14C SIA-RMN-0002 (Basic Non-Commissioned Officer)[5]
SIA-SRN-14A (Basic Impeller Technician)

Impeller Technician Warrant Officer
"W" School
SIA-SRN-14W SIA-RMN-0011 (Warrant Officer)[6]
SIA-SRN-14C (Advanced Impeller Technician)

Impeller Technician Division Officer
"D" School
SIA-SRN-14D SIA-RMN-0101 (Ensign)[7]
SIA-SRN-14C (Advanced Impeller Technician)


RMN Technical Specialties
Command: Boatswain - Master-at-Arms - Operations Specialist - Intelligence Specialist
Admin: Personnelman - Navy Counselor - Yeoman
Logistics: Steward - Storekeeper - Disbursing Clerk - Ship's Serviceman
Tactical: Fire Control - Electronic Warfare - Tracking Specialist - Missiles - Beam Weapons - Gunner
Engineering: Impeller - Power - Gravitics - Environment - Hydroponics - Damage Control
Communications: Data Systems - Electronics - Communications - Sensors
Astrogation: Helmsman - Plotting Specialist
Flight Operations: Coxswain
Medical: Corpsman - Sick Berth Attendant