Ship's Serviceman

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Ship's Serviceman (abbrev SH) is an enlisted technical specialty or rating utilized by the Royal Manticoran Navy.


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Ship's Servicemen manage barber shops, tailor shops, ships' uniform stores, laundries, dry cleaning plants, and cobbler shops. They serve as clerks in exchanges, gas stations, warehouses, and commissary stores. Some ship's servicemen function as Navy club managers.[1]

Historical Overview

Ship's servicemen manage and operate shipboard retail and service activities using microcomputers. This includes ship's stores, vending machines and video games, barber shops, laundry and dry cleaning plants, and tailor shops. The 26-day SH training school is conducted at Meridian, Mississippi.

In this regard as a Navy Supply Rating, it can be considered relatable to the Army's 92 series of MOS.[2]

TRMN Training Information

Members desiring to qualify to serve at the different skill levels within the Ship's Serviceman's department must pass the following exams and prerequisites:[1]

Bureau of Training Information for Ship's Serviceman
Course Name Course Code Prerequisite(s)

Basic Ship's Serviceman
"A" School
SIA-SRN-22A SIA-RMN-0001 (Basic Enlisted)[3]

Advanced Ship's Serviceman
"C" School
SIA-SRN-22C SIA-RMN-0002 (Basic Non-Commissioned Officer)[4]
SIA-SRN-22A (Basic Ship's Serviceman)

Ship's Serviceman Warrant Officer
"W" School
SIA-SRN-22W SIA-RMN-0011 (Warrant Officer)[5]
SIA-SRN-22C (Advanced Ship's Serviceman)

Ship's Serviceman Division Officer
"D" School
SIA-SRN-22D SIA-RMN-0101 (Ensign)[6]
SIA-SRN-22C (Advanced Ship's Serviceman)


RMN Technical Specialties
Command: Boatswain - Master-at-Arms - Operations Specialist - Intelligence Specialist
Admin: Personnelman - Navy Counselor - Yeoman
Logistics: Steward - Storekeeper - Disbursing Clerk - Ship's Serviceman
Tactical: Fire Control - Electronic Warfare - Tracking Specialist - Missiles - Beam Weapons - Gunner
Engineering: Impeller - Power - Gravitics - Environment - Hydroponics - Damage Control
Communications: Data Systems - Electronics - Communications - Sensors
Astrogation: Helmsman - Plotting Specialist
Flight Operations: Coxswain
Medical: Corpsman - Sick Berth Attendant