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Coxwain (abbrev COX) is an enlisted technical speciality or rating utilized by the Royal Manticoran Navy.


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The coxswain rating is responsible for steering small craft (pinnaces, cutters and others). They're also responsible for navigation of the small craft on board. [1]

Historical Overview

In the Royal Navy in the days of sail, the coxswain was a petty officer or chief petty officer who commanded a captain's or admiral's barge. Later the coxswain was the senior chief petty officer aboard a smaller vessel such as a corvette or submarine, who was responsible for the steering and also assumed the duties which would be performed by the chief boatswain's mate and master-at-arms aboard larger vessels.

In World War II, pilots of landing craft were referred to as coxswains.

In the Royal Canadian Navy, the appointment of coxswain (or capitaine d'armes in French) is given to the senior non-commissioned officer aboard a ship, the equivalent to a command master chief petty officer in the US Navy. For larger vessels such as a destroyer, frigate or Protecteur-class replenishment oiler, a coxswain holds the rank of chief petty officer 1st class (CPO1). For smaller vessels such as a submarine or Kingston-class coastal defence vessel, a coxswain usually holds the rank of chief petty officer 2nd class (CPO2).

The term was also sometimes used aboard merchant ships for the senior petty officer in charge of the helm. The fictional Israel Hands, for example, was the coxswain of the Hispaniola in Treasure Island.[2]

TRMN Training Information

Members desiring to qualify to serve at the different skill levels within the Coxswain's division must pass the following exams and prerequisites:[1]

Bureau of Training Information for Coxswain
Course Name Course Code Prerequisite(s)

Basic Coxswain
"A" School
SIA-SRN-05A SIA-RMN-0001 (Basic Enlisted)[3]

Advanced Coxswain
"C" School
SIA-SRN-05C SIA-RMN-0002 (Basic Non-Commissioned Officer)[4]
SIA-SRN-05A (Basic Coxswain)

Coxswain Warrant Project
"W" School
SIA-SRN-05W SIA-RMN-0011 (Warrant Officer)[5]
SIA-SRN-05C (Advanced Coxswain)

Coxswain Division Officer
"D" School
SIA-SRN-05D SIA-RMN-0101 (Ensign)[6]
SIA-SRN-05C (Advanced Coxswain)


RMN Technical Specialties
Command: Boatswain - Master-at-Arms - Operations Specialist - Intelligence Specialist
Admin: Personnelman - Navy Counselor - Yeoman
Logistics: Steward - Storekeeper - Disbursing Clerk - Ship's Serviceman
Tactical: Fire Control - Electronic Warfare - Tracking Specialist - Missiles - Beam Weapons - Gunner
Engineering: Impeller - Power - Gravitics - Environment - Hydroponics - Damage Control
Communications: Data Systems - Electronics - Communications - Sensors
Astrogation: Helmsman - Plotting Specialist
Flight Operations: Coxswain
Medical: Corpsman - Sick Berth Attendant