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Name Michael D. Garcia
Location California
Website TRMN Wiki
Marital Status Married
Rank Admiral, RMN
MDGarcia is an administrator.

ADM Sir Michael D. Garcia, GCE, KDR, MC, OC, SC, OG, CGM, GS, RMN, Earl of McCovey Cove is the Deputy First Space Lord for the Royal Manticoran Navy. Presently, he is the Head Administrator for the TRMN Wiki Team.

TRMN Career

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Biographical Summary

Admiral Michael Garcia is the current Deputy First Space Lord of the Royal Manticoran Navy. He is a keel-plate owner of the battlecruiser HMS Artemis as well as HMS Medusa. In his time aboard Artemis, he served as the Ship’s Bosun from April 2014 to July 2015. Additionally, he has served as the Fleet Senior Master Chief Petty Officer for Tenth Fleet, commanding officers of Artemis and Medusa, instructor and later chairperson of the Administration Department for the Naval Technical Specialties College, Deputy Third Space Lord, and Third Space Lord.

He first read On Basilisk Station in 2000, but never returned to the Honorverse until 2014. Since then, he has made it through to the end of Ashes of Victory. His favorite novel is Honor Among Enemies, and his favorite character (so far) is Horace Harkness.

When not serving as the Deputy First Space Lord, he is working at a Fortune 500 company as a litigation support specialist. He has lived in the San Francisco Bay Area all of his life, presently residing in his hometown of San Jose with his wife and two cats. He is an on-air talent for a local Internet radio station, writes an unhealthy amount of fiction (both fanfic and original works), and acts at the server administrator for several organizations such as the Ad Astra Star Trek Fanfiction Archive and Where No One Has Gone Before. He is an avid and passionate fan of baseball in all of its forms, with lifelong allegiances to two Major League Baseball teams: the San Francisco Giants and the Cleveland Indians. In addition to baseball, he supports the other sports and affiliated teams such as the San Jose Sharks (NHL) and the Golden State Warriors (NBA).