HMS Medusa (SD-316)

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HMS Medusa (SD-316) is a Medusa-class Pod-laying Superdreadnought within Battle Division 201 of Battle Squadron 2. Commanded by CAPTJG Sir Erik Roberts, KDE, QBM, Medusa claims San Francisco, California as her charter city. Medusa is the lead ship of her class and serves as the Flagship of the Bureau of Ships. She has the distinction of being the first superdreadnought to serve within that fleet.


Medusa was first brought into commission on 14 November 2015 under the command of CDRE Michael Garcia, by order of BuShips.[1] Her crew was formerly assigned to HMS Artemis and upgraded to this new vessel. After commissioning, she was immediately assigned to Task Group 91.1's command, and Countess Fontana Flats transferred her flag aboard. She has participated in several Fleet Events, including OryCon 37, FresCon 2016, NorWesCon 39, and BayCon 2016.

In late February 2016, CDRE Garcia stepped down as commanding officer and was relieved by CAPTJG Erik Roberts. Medusa formed Battle Division 201 with HMS Intractable in September 2016, as part of Battle Squadron 2. Medusa presently serves as the divisional flagship.

Countess Fontana Flats transferred her flag to HMS Truculent in January 2017, leaving newly-promoted RADM Garcia the lone flag officer aboard. Under Admiralty Order 1612-02, he claimed Medusa as his flagship and therefore representing the Bureau of Ships.

Medusa has served as the hosting vessel for multiple Fleet Exercises, including Convolution 2015, Convolution 2016, BayCon 2017, BayCon 2018, and BayCon 2019.

Due to the change in command of BuShips in late March 2019, flagship status was transferred to sister ship HMS Valkyrie. VADM Garcia's billet being subordinate to FADM Lochen's flag, Medusa's flagship status remains with BatDiv 201.

Commanding Officers

# Name Assumed Relieved
1 CDRE Michael Garcia, OC, GS 14 Nov 2015[1] 22 Feb 2016
2 CAPTJG Sir Erik Roberts, KDE, QBM 22 Feb 2016[2] Incumbent

Crew Lineage

Command Staff

Embarked Flag Officer(s)

Marine Detachment

Auxiliary Craft

HM Pinnace Medusa-One

Her Majesty's Pinnace Medusa-One was launched on March 25, 2016 under the command of then-ENS Joseph Harney. The crew of this pinnace recruited enough members to commission a new destroyer, HMS Chainshot, in late May of that year, after which the pinnace was returned to the boat bay.

Ship's Honors


Royal meritorious unit citation x2(ribbon).png

Ship's Orders

NOTE: This Wiki is the authoritative source for orders per the Fourth Space Lord. All orders have been
provided by the issuing authority or the TRMN Announcements & Orders group on Facebook.

Ship's Orders are subordinate to, and expand upon or amplify Admiralty Orders, Naval Directives, Tenth Fleet Orders, and Task Group 91.1 Orders. They are applicable to Medusa operations and personnel.

Order No. Effective Date Subject Status
HMS Medusa Ship's Order 1607-01 18 Jul 2016 PROMOTIONS AND BREVETS (Monticue, Johnson, Comeau, Garcia, Darkjester, Dolgoff, Thorn)
HMS Medusa Ship's Order 1602-02 18 Feb 2016 Appointment of Joseph Harney
HMS Medusa Ship's Order 1602-01 16 Feb 2016 Order of Promotion: JOSEPH HARNEY
HMS Medusa Ship's Order 1601-02 18 Jan 2016 Orders of Promotion (DOLGOFF, FARLEY, COMEAU, GOLDSBERRY, and GARCIA)
HMS Medusa Ship's Order 1601-01 18 Jan 2016 Appointment of David Goldsberry
HMS Medusa Ship's Order 1511-01 24 Nov 2015 Award of Navy/Marine Achievement Medal -- HADLEY, MELISSA


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