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The Dukedom of New Scania is a peerage title awarded by The Royal Manticoran Navy: The Official Honor Harrington Fan Association, Inc. (TRMN).

New Scania had been created as a title by 2007, by which time TRMN founder and First Lord of the Admiralty Martin Lessem was using it in his signature on Admiralty Orders.

In 2020 the Duke was made the Grand Duke of Lynx and uses both titles concurrently.

Duchy of New Scania

# Name Elevated Rank
1 AotF Martin Lessem 2007 Duke

Coat of arms of the Duke of New Scania


Blazon: Quarterly Gules and Sable, the second and third quarters charged with a demi-phoenix argent flamed proper within four Manticoran Stars Or. On a bend Or overall, six ducal coronets Azure.


The escutcheon is ensigned with the coronet of a Manticoran duke.


AUT VIAM INVENIAM AUT FACIAM ("I shall either find a way or make one")[1]

Orders and decorations

Escutcheon encircled by the riband of the Order of the Star Kingdom. Pendant from the achievement are representations of the badges of Order of the Star Kingdom, the Order of King Roger, the Order of Queen Elizabeth, the Distinguished Service Order, the Conspicuous Gallantry Medal, and the Gryphon Star.


Two representations of the baton of a Fleet Admiral of the Royal Manticoran Navy are crossed in saltire behind the shield.[2]


The bend has blue coronets on gold, in reference to the ancient arms of Scania in Sweden on Old Earth. The armiger is originally from Sweden. The phoenix represents a new organization rising from the ashes of the armiger's old association. It is surrounded by four stars from the rank insignia of the RMN's Admiral of the Fleet.

Geographical description of territory


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