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A Peerage is an award bestowed on members of The Royal Manticoran Navy: The Official Honor Harrington Fan Association, Inc. for exceptional service and dedication to the organization, making them a "peer," or titled noble within the context of the club. "The Peerage" refers collectively to all members who are peers.

Peerage in the Star Kingdom of Manticore

In the Honorverse canon, the Manticore Colony established in 1416 P.D. lost almost 60 percent of original colonists to a plague several decades after landing. Realizing that they would need to attract additional homesteaders, but wanting to maintain control of their colony, they adopted a new constitution, creating the Star Kingdom of Manticore in 1471 P.D.

In addition to crowning their Planetary Administrator Roger Winton as King Roger I, the surviving "First Shareholders" (who already had vast landholdings) were given patents of nobility, making them titled peers of the Star Kingdom and creating a hereditary aristocracy.[1]

Peerage as a TRMN award

TRMN policy is that no more than one percent of members may be granted peerages. This award affords the member to roleplay as a member of the nobility of Manticoran society. Peers are given privileges including a seat in the House of Lords, the right to bear a coat of arms approved by the College of Arms, and special forms of address. These rights are hereditary; any peer who dies passes the title to their eldest offspring, if the offspring is a TRMN member.

Peers are granted titles named after their "peerage lands," fictitious territories on the worlds of Manticore, Gryphon, Sphinx. Additionally, a TRMN peer's spouse and children (if they are TRMN members) are given appropriate honorifics.

Peerage titles may exist on other worlds from the Honor Harrington series of novels and related books, the most notable being the Grand Duke of New Montana, an honorary award bestowed on the author David Weber by the organization in appreciation of him creating the series.

Peerages come in several levels, based on the Manticoran Peerage System and those of other Honorverse star nations. In ascending order of precedence, the Manticoran peerages are:

  • A Barony, is a peerage awarded to a Baron or Baroness. The word barony refers both to the peerage title itself and to the "land" granted to the peer.
  • An Earldom is the peerage awarded to an Earl or a Countess. The land granted to an earl or countess is called a county.
  • A Dukedom is the peerage awarded to a Duke or Duchess. The land granted to a duke or duchess is called a duchy.
  • A Grand Dukedom is the peerage awarded to a Grand Duke or Grand Duchess. The territory associated with a grand duchy is an entire planet. Presently there are only two grand duchies in existence within The Royal Manticoran Navy:
    • New Montana (originally Montana, but changed by the author), an Honorary Peerage granted to David Weber
    • Lynx, granted to Martin Lessem, the founder of TRMN.

Obsolete ranks

David Weber modeled the SKM on historical British society, the peerage of which includes marquesses and viscounts in addition to dukes, earls and barons mentioned above. However, marquesses and viscounts are not used in the Manticoran system and thus are not utilized by TRMN. Although there was one marquess mentioned in the canon, the author considers this an oversight which he has retconned to an earl. In the earliest days of TRMN, some founding members were created viscounts, but these titles are no longer recognized in the organization.

Peers from Allied Star Nations

Some foreign peerages are awarded in TRMN to members who have non-manticoran personae:

  • The Andermani Empire has equivalent noble ranks, including freiherrs (barons), grafs (earls), and herzogs (dukes).
  • The Protectorate of Grayson has one level of peer, that of steadholder, which is considered equivalent rank to that of duke or duchess in the SKM, although steadholders exercise "head of state" sovereignty withing their territories, while dukes/duchesses hold their lands in fief from the crown.
  • The Republic of Haven does not have titled nobles so TRMN awards Havenite members with the designation of "Senator for Life."

Cadet peers

The heir of a peerage title (usually the eldest offspring of the title holder) is referred to as a cadet peer and is addressed as "my lord" (for males) or "my lady" (for females) and referred to in the third person as (for example) "Lord John Doe" or Lady Jane Doe."

Additional younger offspring of the title holder are referred to as, for example, "The Honorable John Doe" or "The Honorable Jane Doe" (abbrev: "Hon. John Doe"). There is no special form of address for them.

Star Empire of Manticore Hereditary Peers

Grand Dukedoms

Title Name Planet Duke/Duchess Grand Duke/Grand Duchess
New Montana David Weber New Montana 01 February 2011[2] 27 May 2015
Lynx Martin Lessem Lynx 29 Feb 2020


Title Name Planet Baron/Baroness Earl/Countess Duke/Duchess
New Scania Martin Lessem Manticore 03 Sep 2007
Red Cliff Jan Kotouč Manticore 06 May 2008 01 Nov 2014
New Ulyanovsk Sean Niemeyer Sphinx 20 Feb 2011[3] 27 May 2015
Mountain View Robert Bulkeley Manticore 16 Apr 2011[4] 27 May 2015[5] 27 May 2017
Karstadt Sea Robert Jackson Sphinx 01 Feb 2012[6] 27 May 2015 01 Jan 2017[7]
Split Rock Laura Lochen Sphinx 27 May 2015[8] 27 May 2017[9] 25 May 2020
Westmarch John Neitz Manticore 03 May 2013[10] Oct 2015 30 Dec 2020
Neu Odenwaldkries James Friedline Manticore 03 Aug 2013 2015 31 Dec 2021
Camera Stellata Matthew Parker Manticore 27 May 2017 01 Jan 2020 01 Jul 2023


Title Name Planet Baron/Baroness Earl/Countess Succession
Luna Hill Marcela Vávrová Manticore 01 Nov 2014
New Cumbria Elisa Randall Manticore 23 Nov 2013[12] 27 May 2015
Fontana Flats Chrissy Killian Manticore 28 May 2016
Nya Östergötland Brandi Hinson Manticore 29 Oct 2016
Wilson Sharon Rice-Weber Manticore 26 May 2018
Mars-Evans Daniel Walker Manticore 26 May 2018
Miyake-Jima Jill McTavish Manticore 26 May 2018
White Lion William Knight Sphinx 28 May 2016
New Dover Christa Brolley Manticore 01 Jan 2020
Bahia Cadiz Kim Niemeyer Manticore 25 May 2020
New Essex Diane Bulkeley Manticore 28 Oct 2017 30 Dec 2020 2nd
Cappanarrow Wayne Bruns Manticore 28 Oct 2017[13] 31 Dec 2021
McCovey Cove Michael Garcia Manticore 26 May 2018 01 Jul 2023
Long Beach Cindy Van Wyhe Sphinx 26 May 2018 01 Jul 2023[14]
Sutherland Michael Houghtaling Sphinx 05 Jul 2019 01 Jul 2023
Eboracum Benjamin Wagner Sphinx 03 Nov 2018 04 May 2024
New Ayers Colin Lloyd Manticore 03 Nov 2018 04 May 2024
New Williamsburg Mike Romero Manticore 25 May 2020 04 May 2024


Title Name Planet Baron/Baroness Succession
Nový Prerov Ivo Heger Manticore 27 May 2015
Tesseyman Greg Marchand Manticore 27 May 2015
Glencairn Drew Drentlaw Manticore 27 May 2015
White Rose Allison Gahrmann Manticore 31 Oct 2015
New Victoria Justin Grays Manticore 31 Oct 2015
Cape Fear Cindy Epard Manticore 31 Oct 2015
Piedmont John Stump Manticore 31 Oct 2015
Havelok Stephanie Taylor Manticore 31 Oct 2015
Blacksburg Heather Selbe Manticore 29 Oct 2016
Serpent Head Point David Weiner Manticore 29 Oct 2016
New Talinn Kveta Tonová Gryphon 01 Mar 2017
Redstone Heidi Nelson Manticore 27 May 2017
La Mancha Bill Lochen Manticore 28 Oct 2017
Clipper Island Mark Gledhill Sphinx 26 May 2018
Silver Lake Garret Bitker Manticore 26 May 2018
New Florence Pamela Cole Manticore 26 May 2018
New Caladan Jeffrey Webb Manticore 26 May 2018
New Halifax Rob Marshall Manticore 26 May 2018
Alnwick Estates Lauren Niemeyer Manticore 03 Nov 2018
Cooper's Lake Joseph Grieco Manticore 03 Nov 2018
New Greyhawke Doss Buckalew Manticore 03 Nov 2018
Whidbey Basin James Jones Gryphon 03 Nov 2018
New Troy Jackie Snedden Sphinx 03 Nov 2018
West Columbia Brad Lee Manticore 03 Nov 2018
New Hastings Cheryl Krause Manticore 03 Nov 2018
Calabasas Chris Thompson Manticore 03 Nov 2018
Black Thunder Rob Folden Sphinx 5 Jul 2019
Grays Harbor AJ Olsen Manticore 5 Jul 2019
New Byzantium Dan Brandow Manticore 25 May 2020
Dundonald Joseph Harney Manticore 25 May 2020
Jutland John Stout Manticore 25 May 2020
Black Wood Ludmila Kovárová Sphinx 25 May 2020
Tchoupitoulas Ashley Nichols Sphinx 30 Dec 2020
Oak Forest Geoffrey Strayer Sphinx 30 Dec 2020
Kings River Sonja Thiede Sphinx 30 Dec 2020
Gilwell Zachary White Manticore 31 Dec 2021
Fair Isle Lori Bonilla Manticore 31 Dec 2021
Longsdale Philip Culmer Gryphon 24 Jul 2022 2nd
Foxglove Lisa Wiedemann Gryphon 01 Jul 2023
Wolf Point Samuel Dietzmann Gryphon 01 Jul 2023
Acorn Valley Megan Krick Sphinx 01 Jul 2023
Belleau Wood William Farley TBD 01 Jul 2023
Glacier Point Geoffrey Kramer Gryphon 01 Jul 2023
Castine Peter Gold Gryphon 01 Jul 2023
Bronte Creek David Misener Manticore 01 Jul 2023

Star Empire of Manticore Life Peers

Honorary Peerages bestowed by TRMN:

Rank Title Name Planet Baron/Baroness Creation
Baroness Silver Heath Gena Robinson Manticore 01 Feb 2011[15]
Baron New Mimas Timothy Zahn Manticore 27 May 2015
Baron Allegheny-Mellon Thomas Pope Manticore 27 May 2015
Baron New Arlington Chris Wueve Manticore 27 May 2015
Baron Runnymead Fields Mark Gutis Manticore 23 May 2015
Baron New Kasserine Andrew Knipe Manticore 31 Oct 2015 2nd
Baron Brentwood-upon-Tweed Scott Bell Manticore 25 May 2020

Protectorate of Grayson Steadholders

Rank Title Name Steadholder Planet
Steadholder Pittman Martyn Griffiths 01 Nov 2014 Grayson
Steadholder Henesy Tom Saidak 27 May 2015 Grayson
Steadholder Maelstromm David Melsome 28 May 2016 Grayson
Steadholder Fitzgerald Philip Clayton 03 Nov 2018 Grayson
Steadholder Chẽrnakova Kathy Rau 25 May 2020 Grayson
Steadholder Amberwolf Neil Simpson 01 Jul 2023 Grayson

Andermani Empire Peers

Rank Title Name Planet Freiherr/Freifrau Graf/Gräfin Herzog/Herzogin
Freifrau Neu Sachsen Laura Lüschen Potsdam 27 May 2015
Freiherr Baudenvost Philip Wohlrab Potsdam 26 May 2018
Freiherr Hohenheim David Westover Gregor 01 Jul 2023
Freiherr Neu Potsdam Geoff Zoeller Potsdam 01 Jul 2023

Republic of Haven Senators for Life

Rank Title Name Senator for Life Planet
Senator Duquesne Tower James Sena 26 May 2018 Haven

In Memoriam

Rank Title Name Planet Creation date
Baron Leutzen Vale Eric Flint Manticore 27 May 2015
Steadholder Blackbird Kirylyn Dreamer Grayson 9 Jan 2012 [16]


Rank Title Name Baron/Baroness Earl/Countess Duke/Duchess Grand Duke/Grand Duchess Planet
Baron Longsdale Amanda Barrow 31 Dec 2021 Gryphon

Defunct Peerages

Rank Title Name Baron/Baroness Earl/Countess Duke/Duchess Grand Duke/Grand Duchess Planet
Lands Returned to the Crown New Kasserine Bruce Zimmerman 03 Sep 2007
Lands Dissolved New Arkhangelsk‏‎ Scott Akers 12 Jul 2008 01 Feb 2010[18] 27 May 2015 01 Mar 2017[19]
Lands Dissolved New Cornwall Jonathan Simmons 17 Apr 2010
Lands Dissolved New Mecklenburg John Roberts 16 Apr 2011[20] 27 May 2015
Lands Dissolved Chinook Jason Gurule 26 May 2018
Lands Returned to the Crown New Adelaide Nicola Hawke 27 May 2017
Lands Returned to the Crown Cumberland Moor Peter Gordon 26 May 2018

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