Honorary Peerage

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An Honorary Peerage, also known as a Life Peerage, is an award of a peerage by The Royal Manticoran Navy: The Official Honor Harrington Fan Association, Inc. to an Honorary Member who has performed extraordinary service to either TRMN or the Honorverse. Most honorary peerages have been awarded to contributing authors, such as David Weber, but the awarded is not restricted to writers. Honorary peers do not vote in the House of Lords and do not have household staff drawn from the general membership of TRMN.

Honorary peerages are not inheritable, and the peerage lands revert back to the pool of assignable lands.

Rank Land Honorary Member Elevated
Grand Duke New Montana David Weber 23 May 2015
Countess Wilson Sharon Rice-Weber 23 May 2015
Baroness Silver Heath Gena Robbinson 23 May 2015
Baron Leutzen Vale Eric Flint 23 May 2015
Baron New Arlington Chris Wueve 23 May 2015
Baron Allegheny-Mellon Tom Pope 23 May 2015
Baron New Kasserine Andrew Knipe 23 May 2015
Baron Runnymead Fields Mark Gutis 23 May 2015
Baron New Mimas Timothy Zahn 23 May 2015