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A barony is the domain of a baron or baroness. In the Star Kingdom of Manticore, any income producing holding associated with a patent of nobility may be considered “land.” This means that in additional to literal land, mineral and development rights, fishing rights, rights to a portion of the broadcast spectrum and other grants may be considered lands.  

The word "barony" refers to the title itself as well as the lands granted by the crown to a baron/baroness.

The Andermani Empire also has baronies.

Use in TRMN

In The Royal Manticoran Navy: The Official Honor Harrington Fan Association, Inc. a barony is an awarded fictitious territory, granted to a recipient who has been recived a patent of nobility, giving them a seat in TRMN's House of Lords. This award is bestowed on members that have demonstrated a consistently high level of work for the entire organization. Additionally, they have shown that they share the vision, mission, and ideals of the The Royal Manticoran Navy and that they strive to obtain it within their areas of responsibility in the club.

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