New Victoria

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The Barony of New Victoria is a peerage land within The Royal Manticoran Navy: The Official Honor Harrington Fan Association, Inc., and was awarded for dedicated service to the organization. New Victoria was created as a potential peerage land in 2015.

The current holder of the barony is Sir Justin Grays, KCE, SC, DSO, QBM. The Baron has served as the Deputy Commander of Second Fleet, and is a member of the Centrist Party in the House of Lords.

It was first awarded as a peerage land to CDRE Justin Grays, RMN in November 2015, elevating Commodore Grays to the rank of Baron.

Barons of New Victoria

# Name Elevated Rank
1 Sir Justin Grays 1 November 2015 Baron

Baronial Staff

Estate Staff

  • Estate Security: Captain Roon Marchant, KDE, QBM, GSN

Coat of Arms of the Baron of New Victoria

New Victoria arms.png


Vert, on a pile between two atom symbols argent, a dragon rampant of the field and overall in base a Nike-class battlecruiser argent.


The escutcheon is ensigned with a baron’s Coronet.


"Ab Astris, Spes Est" (In the stars, there is hope)

Orders and Decorations

Escutcheon encircled by the riband of the Most Regal Order of Queen Elizabeth I. Pendant from the achievement are representations of theinsignia of a Knight Commander of the Order of Queen Elizabeth flanked by the Distinguished Service Order and the Queen's Bravery Medal.


The atom symbols represent science, the battlecruiser represents space travel, and the dragon represents hope and strength.