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The Barony of Sutherland is a peerage title awarded by The Royal Manticoran Navy: The Official Honor Harrington Fan Association, Inc..

Sutherland was created as a title on 7 July 2019[1] when LTGEN Lord Michael Houghtaling was created Baron Sutherland at MantiCon in Layton, UT in 2019.

Barony of Sutherland

# Name Elevated Rank
1 LTGEN Michael Houghtaling KDE, MC, OG, NS, CBM 7 July 2019 Baron

Coat of arms of the Barony of Sutherland

Sutherland final 2.png


Azure, a chevron embattled argent between a pulse rifle fesswise and a sun Or


The escutcheon is ensigned with the coronet of a baron of the Planet Manticore.


Never Grow Old, Never Die

Orders and decorations

Escutcheon encircled by the riband of the Order of Queen Elizabeth. Pendant from the achievement are representations of the Order of Queen Elizabeth, the Manticore Cross, the Order of Gallantry, the Navy Star and the Conspicuous Bravery Medal.


The sun in the blazon represents the Star Kingdom of Manticore, and the embattled chevron represents it's defense. The pulse rifle is the preferred weapon of the Royal Manticoran Marine Corps.

Geographical description of territory

Sutherland Regiment guidon

The Barony of Sutherland is located within The Duchy of New Ulyanovsk and is located on the planet Sphinx on the continent of Haley's Land. Part of the Barony borders the Tannerman Gulf.

As with most of Sphinx, the estates of Sutherland is heavily forested. Due to Sutherland being the home of Deputy Commanding Officer of Marine Forces Command, there is a larger than normal RMMC presence within the Barony.

The Barony of Sutherland has the following notable businesses and attractions:

Moxley’s Place – Small Arms Range and Training. Moxley’s Place offers the finest indoor and outdoor ranges for both pistols and long arms.

Stonepoint Outfitters – Survival School and wilderness adventure camp.

The Boardwalk – A beach side amusement park located in the town of Santa Carla. Be mindful of all the damn vampires.

The Sutherland Academy – Military academy with close ties to the Royal Manticoran Marine Corps.

Saffron Willow Resort & Spa – An elegant resort with numerous lodging options and full resort amenities, Saffron Willow Resort & Spa is your gateway to four seasons of adventure and relaxation.

The baron is the honorary commanding officer of the 105th RMMC Rifle Regiment “The Lost Boys”, the Sutherland Regiment, a small RMMC regiment drawn from personnel from throughout the barony. It is one of the few Home Guard RMMC Regiments authorized. The Regimental Headquarters and barracks are in the hills overlooking the town of Santa Carla and has an impressive view of the Boardwalk and bay.