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The Barony of Gilwell is a peerage title awarded by The Royal Manticoran Navy: The Official Honor Harrington Fan Association, Inc..

Gilwell was created as a title on 31 December 2021 during the First Lord of the Admiralty's New Year Honors when RADM Sir Zachary White was created Baron Gilwell.

Barony of Gilwell

# Name Elevated Rank
1 RADM Sir Zachary White 31 December 2021 Baron

Coat of Arms of the Baron of Gilwell



Vert an oak tree eradicated Argent and in chief three roses Argent barbed and seeded Or.


The escutcheon is ensigned with the coronet of a Manticoran baron.


From the Tiny Acorn Grows the Mighty Oak

Orders and decorations

Escutcheon encircled by the garter of the Order of King Roger.


The three white roses symbolize the Baroness, and represent Love, Honor, and Commitment. The tree is an oak, and represents the Gilwell Oak, a tree still standing on Old Earth at the Headquarters of the The Scout Association, a nod to the namesake of the barony, and to the Baron's personal commitment to Scouting. The colors are the livery colors of the family, White, Gold, and Dark Forest Green.

Cadet Arms of the Baron of Gilwell

Arms bore by Edward Menken-White, heir to Baron Gilwell

Flags of the Barony

Civil Flag of the Barony of Gilwell Personal Flag of the Baron Gilwell

Geographical description of territory

Gilwell is the northernmost barony of Mountain View. On its northern border are the frigid waters of the North Sea, and to the south is the Black Gulf and the northern terminus of the Hearthstone Mountain Range that forms the barony’s border with the County of New Essex. Comprising 10,982 square kilometers, the barony consists chiefly of mountainous terrain with coastal lowlands and its economy is largely tourist centric. It has two harbours, primarily utilized by pleasure craft, several flourishing vineyards, and a thriving urban center in the city of Hampton.

In the northeast of the barony is Mount Heron, the regions second tallest peak. There is located one of the Star Kingdom’s premier winter playgrounds, Heron Mountain Resort. The resort’s skiing conditions, as well as its hospitality and accommodations have been perennially lauded by the Landing Times, and several prominent travel publications, as the best winter resort on Manticore. The resort is also open in the off season and offers hiking trails, a mountain coaster, space for corporate retreats, and the magnificent foliage makes it a popular destination for fall weddings.

Heron Mountain Resort Corporate Flag - White variant Heron Mountain Resort Corporate Flag - Green variant

Along the southeastern shore is found the sleepy town of Eastham. Hosting a natural harbour, Eastham is a popular summer destination for tourists and the pleasure craft set plying the waters of the Black Gulf. The quintessential Main Street with its traditional homes, world-class seafood restaurants, antique shops, and a quaint, almost old-fashioned, feel bring classic charm to this seaside town. To the north is its sister, Brownsea, home to the Bílá Ruže (White Rose) Winery whose award-winning sweet red and white dessert wines are exported across the Star Empire, and even as far as Old Earth itself.

Inland is the seat of the barony, the small metropolis of Hampton. This urban center houses government buildings, the Baron’s residence, secure data storage centers, and several world-class bespoke tailors. Buchanan and Sons, one of the oldest in the barony, supplies bespoke uniforms to the discerning officer and even has had the honour of being commissioned by the Prime Minister himself. Additionally, a thriving performing arts community calls the city home. Their patron, Baroness Gilwell, personally funded and oversaw the construction of the performing arts center. Known for its classical architecture, and numerous green spaces and parks, Hampton is a jewel in the Mountain View coronet rivaled only by the ducal seat of High Point in the County of New Essex.

Coat of Arms for the City of Hampton Coat of Arms for the Town of Eastham Coat of Arms for the Town of Brownsea

The southwestern portion of the barony is dominated by the Hearthstone Mountains. Making up the majority of the region is the vast wooded expanse of the Baden-Powell Preserve. This land has been set aside in a joint agreement with the Duke of Mountain View as protected and hosts innumerable campsites, hiking trails, and several well-stocked lakes. Contained within the boundaries of the preserve is the Prophet’s Rest Scout Reservation, a highly sought-after summer camp location for Scouts across the Star Empire and beyond.

With small cities and towns, the barony as a whole is largely rural, its citizens preferring a quieter and simpler kind of life more akin to that which may be found on Gryphon or parts of Sphinx, a sentiment shared by the Baron himself, who spends the vast majority of his time in the barony, traveling to Landing only when absolutely necessary.

The personal land holdings of the barony include the family seat of Hellebore House in Hampton, the Bílá Ruže (White Rose) Winery, Heron Mountain Resort, and several commercial real estate interests throughout the barony. The baron's Landing residence is a comfortable suite of rooms in a bay-front pre-counter-grav tower (since updated with counter-grav) in the Colonial District.

Livery Insignia worn by Staff of Hellebore House Nameplate for Hellebore House. This gold plated plaque was a gift from the His Grace, the Duke of Mountain View and his wife, the Countess of New Essex, and adorns the home's perimeter wall to the right of the main gate.


Office of the First Lord of the Admiralty's New Year 2022 Honors