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Name Zachary White
Birthdate April 19, 1987
Location Dayton, OH
Website Grayson Space Navy
Marital Status Married
Rank Admiral of the Fleet, GSN

GSN F-6-04.png AotF Zachary White is an officer in the Grayson Space Navy.

For the canon character CAPT Zachary White, Grayson Space Navy, please click here.

Biographical Summary

Admiral of the Fleet Zachary White is based in the RMN Second Fleet area of operations. He serves as the High Admiral of the Grayson Space Navy, and as Deputy Director of Marketing, Branding and Art under the Office of the Executive Vice-President.

Office of the High Admiral Flag.png

RADM White graduated from the Royal Manticoran Naval Academy at Saganami Island as well as the Royal Manticoran Naval War College. He received a doctoral degree in Intelligence from King's College, Landing University, and is a founding member of the Ellen D'Orville Honor Society, Magna Cum Laude.

His previous space-borne assignments include HMS Vengeance, where he served as Executive Officer, and HMS Beowulf where he served as Commanding Officer.

His planetside duty assignments have included Special Projects for the First Lord of the Admiralty, Chief of Staff to the Bureau of Communications, Deputy Space Lord to the Bureau of Supply, and multiple positions at the Bureau of Ships culminating with an assignment as Deputy Space Lord. RADM White resigned his commission with the Royal Manticoran Navy in 2022 and was commissioned into the Grayson Space Navy in 2023, where he currently serves. He is also a member of BuNine where he specializes in Honorverse military uniforms.

He was made a Knight, Most Noble Order of the Star Kingdom in 2022, a Knight Companion Most Honorable Order of King Roger in 2017 and elevated to Knight Commander in 2021. He has thrice been awarded the Manticore Cross, twice the Order of Gallantry, the Saganami Cross, as well as various other gallantry, service, campaign, and unit awards. In 2015 he was appointed honorary Tactical Officer of HMS Unconquered, the RMN’s oldest commissioned warship.

As part of the New Year Honors List for 2021 he was created Lord Gilwell in the peerage of the Star Kingdom.

Ribbon Rack image for RADM White