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Star Kingdom University System
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Landing University houses Queen's College, which offers a mixture of diplomatic and intelligence promotion courses needed for civilian advancement within TRMN. The courses are designed to encourage a candidate's knowledge on issues pertaining to TRMN, the Honorverse, history, and leadership.

Arms of Landing University

Queen's College

Queen’s College focuses on the Civilian Diplomatic Corps and the Special Intelligence Service of TRMN. This reworked sequence represents an amalgam between the older sequences that had been separated for diplomacy only and overt/covert intelligence only. It is divided into three degree programs.

Bachelor’s Degree in Civilian Service

Civil Servant (Enlisted equivalent)

Course Name Course Number Course Prerequisites
Introduction to Civilian Service LU-QC-0004 Intro to TRMN 1,2,3
Theories in Civil Service LU-QC-0005 LU-QC-0004 & GPU-ALC-0009
Baccalaureate Qualifier LU-QC-0006 LU-QC-0005 & & GPU-ALC-0010

Master’s Degree in Civilian Service

Junior Minister (Officer equivalent)

Course Name Course Number Course Prerequisites
Graduate Studies in Civilian Service LU-QC-0101 LU-QC-004
Basic Diplomacy and Intelligence LU-QC-0102 LU-QC-0101
Case Studies in Negotiations and Espionage LU-QC-0103 LU-QC-0102
Intermediate Diplomacy and Intelligence LU-QC-0104 LU-QC-0103 & GPU-ALC-0113
Intelligence and Conflict Avoidance LU-QC-0105 LU-QC-0104
Magister Qualifier LU-QC-0106 LU-QC-0105 & GPU-ALC-0115

Doctoral Degree in Civilian Service

Minister (Flag Officer equivalent)

Course Name Course Number Course Prerequisites
Doctoral Studies in Civilian Service LU-QC-1001 LU-QC-0106
Advanced Diplomacy and Intelligence LU-QC-1002 LU-QC-1001 & GPU-ALC-1111
Studies in Civilian Asset Management LU-QC-1003 LU-QC-1002 & GPU-ALC-1112
Advanced Studies in Negotiations and Espionage LU-QC-1004 LU-QC-1003
Doctoral Qualifier[1] LU-QC-1005 LU-QC-1004


  1. NOTE: The -1005 course is also the capstone course for all civilian course sequences (e.g, RMACS, RMMM, and SFS). For administrative purposes it carries LU-QC numbering, but is designed to be the final course in all of the other civilian sequences as well.