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The Remote Training Institute (RTI) is responsible for overseeing the remote administration of courses throughout BuTrain. RTI is not responsible for the development and management of any courses in BuTrain.

The remote administration may take place in a large setting such as at a convention or chapter event or more intimate session, one on one to assist students needing help. All remote administration must be approved in advance by RTI. All remote training must be conducted in coordination with RTI.



The Commandant of RTI oversees the approval of RTI instructors, the administration of remote course, and the reporting of grades.

RTI Instructors

RTI does not employ any instructors. All RTI instructors are taken from elsewhere in BuTrain and/or TRMN. All current BuTrain faculty are authorized to provide remote training for courses they have completed, upon approval of each instance as described below.

Other TRMN members, including past BuTrain instructors, may also remotely administer courses they have completed but need to be authorized as RTI Instructors by RTI in addition to receiving the approval as described below for each instance. In addition, they need to complete BuTrain Instructor Training before being approved as RTI Instructors.

Remote Course Administration


The most common courses remotely administered are the enlisted rank courses, but an RTI instructor may remotely administer any course they have completed and are approved to remotely administer. Flag level courses (1001 and up) may not be administered remotely unless a student has a direct accessibility issue and had discussed it with the instructor responsible for the courses and BuTrain Director of Accessibility.

Remote administration process

The following process applies to all remote training events, whether the RTI Instructor is already authorized to administer the course or not.

  1. The RTI Instructor must email RTI@butrain.trmn.org at least two weeks before the event and provide the following:
    • RTI Instructor name(s) and TRMN number(s). One request may include multiple RTI Instructors. In this case, please designate one RTI Instructor as the point of contact.
    • List of courses.
    • Date and location of event.
    • Email address for contact.
  2. After review of the request and the RTI Instructor’s training records, the RTI Commandant will provide, via email—
    • RTI Instructor authorization to remotely administer and the list of courses, if necessary. If the RTI Instructor is not a current member of BuTrain, the RTI Commandant will complete the BuTrain Instructor Training with that member.
    • Approval to remotely administer for the date and location of event and course(s).
    • Courses, answer keys, and certificates.
    • Instructions for conducting the remote training and for returning an after-action report including summary of courses administered.
  3. Once the RTI Instructor has received authorization to remotely administer the courses and approval for the date and location of the event and the specific courses requested, they may conduct the remote training.

Checklist for Remote Training Event

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