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Saganami Island Naval Academy (RMN)

The Saganami Island Naval Academy (SINA), also known as the Royal Manticoran Naval Academy on Saganami Island or as Saganami Island Academy (SIA), is run by the SIA Commandant, who reports to the Deputy Sixth Space Lord and Sixth Space Lord. SINA is responsible for teaching RMN courses and includes the Naval College, the War College, the Technical Specialties College, and the Advanced Tactical Center.

Royal Manticoran Marine Corps Training Command (RMMC)

The Royal Manticoran Marine Corps (RMMC) Training Command is located at RMMC Camp Maastricht in the Duchy of West Wind and is responsible for teaching the Marine courses. The RMMC Training Command is run by the Commandant who acts as a liaison for the Commandant of the RMMC directly to the Sixth Space Lord. The RMMC Training Command includes the Marine College, Marine War College, Marine Staff College, and Marine Technical Specialties College.

Royal Manticoran Merchant Fleet Academy (RMMM)

The Royal Manticoran Merchant Marine (RMMM) Fleet Academy is responsible for training merchant spacers. The academy currently consists of the six following colleges: Unlicensed College, Deck College, Catering College, Medical College, and Engineering College. The Commandant of the Merchant Fleet Academy reports to the Sixth Space Lord and the Home Secretary.

Royal Manticoran Astro Control Academy (RMACS)

The Royal Manticoran Astro Control Academy (RMACS) is responsible for training the civilian personnel who control the traffic through the Manticore Wormhole Junctions. The academy consists of the Enlisted, Officer, Flag Officer, and Technical Specialty programs. The Commandant of the Astro Control Academy reports to the Sixth Space Lord.

BuTrain:King Roger I Military Academy (KRIMA)

The King Roger I Military Academy is run by the KRIMA Commanding Officer, who oversees all the courses for the Royal Manticoran Army. KRIMA consists of an Enlisted Training Center, Officer Training Center, War College, and Branch/Army Occupational Specialty College. The Commanding Officer of KR1MA reports to the RMA Deputy Chief of Staff for Training, who is the Marshal of the Army’s liaison to the Sixth Space Lord.

Star Kingdom University System (SKU)

The Star Kingdom University System (SKU) currently includes the Core College, Landing University and Mannheim University, and encompasses all schools for the civilian courses outside of the RMMM and RMACS. The Regent of the Star Kingdom University System is the liaison to BuTrain from the Home Secretary.

Isaiah Mackenzie Naval Academy (IMNA)

The Isaiah Mackenzie Naval Academy (IMNA) is overseen by the IMNA Commandant. IMNA consists of the Naval College, Naval War College, and the IMNA Technical Specialty schools. The Commandant of the IMNA acts as the High Admiral of the Grayson Space Navy’s liaison to the Sixth Space Lord.

Sphinx Forestry Service (SFC)

The Sphinx Forestry Service is responsible for administering the courses for the younger students, and currently consists of three levels based on age. The Commissioner of the Sphinx Forestry Service runs the academy and liaisons with the Sixth Space Lord.

Imperial Prinz Adalbert Marineakademie (PAMA)

The Imperial Prinz Adalbert Marineakademie (PAMA) is overseen by the Kommandant. PAMA is currently under development. It will start up with its mainline courses and proceed with other courses as needed. The Kommandant of the PAMA acts as the Imperial Andermani Navy’s liaison to the Sixth Space Lord.

Republic of Haven Naval Academy (RHNA)

Under development