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The Barony of Fair Isle is a peerage land within The Royal Manticoran Navy: The Official Honor Harrington Fan Association, Inc., and was awarded for dedicated service to the organization.

Fair Isle was established 31 December 2021 by the Office of the First Lord of the Admiralty in the New Year Honors announcement when RADM Lady Lori Bonilla was inducted as Baroness Fair Isle.

Barony Of Fair Isle

# Name Elevated Rank
1 RADM Lori Bonilla GCE, MC, OC, CR, DGC, CGM, QBM 31 December 2021 Baroness

Coat Of Arms of the Barony of Fair Isle

Fair Isle Arms.png

Grant of Armorial Bearings


Pupure a tyger passant maintaining in its dexter paw a slip of lilies argent slipped and leaved and in sinister chief a Manticoran star.


The escutcheon is ensigned with the coronet of a Manticoran baroness.


She Who Endures Conquers

Whether conquering enemies, ideas, or oneself, it’s those who persist and learn to grow that can find victory.

Orders & Decorations

Escutcheon encircled by the riband of the Order of King Roger. Pendant from the achievement is the representation of the Order of King Roger, Companion.


A single star, for the the baroness’ state of residence, the Lone Star State, as well as her love of astronomy and science fiction. A prowling tiger is her favorite animal and additionally represents strength and fierceness. The flower is a lily of the valley, which is her birth flower and represents a return of happiness. All sit on a field of purple, the baroness’ favorite color.

Description of Territory

Geography & Overview

Fair Isle is located on Manticore near New Greyhawke in the eastern forest, sparsely populated with most residents living in the capital city of Rosemeade. Most of the land is relatively flat, with a very gradual rise in elevation and growing rolling hills the farther from the lake the land gets. Several creeks can be found in the forest, with a larger stream called Timbercreek that cuts through Fair Isle on its way to New Greyhawke and into the lake.

Rosemeade is renowned for its expertise in the fiber arts, and has a vibrant community of performing artists of all varieties. There are shows every night of the week ranging from community circuses and variety shows to professional orchestras and theater groups. The baroness’ own belly dance-based fusion dance troupe, Visions In Dance, still performs avant garde choreographies even though all founding members, including the baroness, have moved on to new endeavors.

Many fiber related guilds headquarter in the capital city, teaching all techniques and styles of spinning, weaving, lace making, knitting and more. The local college has programs for artists to major in the fiber arts, who are supported by locally-owned galleries and the city museum so artists can show off their works. The college also endeavors to grow the local musician population with degrees awarded in music performance. Focuses include ancient Sol classical and modern Manticoran for large ensembles and chamber groups.

Smaller towns are scattered about, using the lure of the beauty and quiet of the forests for citizens all over the star system to enjoy secluded cabins and camp grounds to get away.


Fair Isle estate is located on the northern outskirts of Rosemeade and is home to the Deputy Fourth Space Lord. The manor is three stories: an underground basement, the main floor, and a second floor with a large party and star-viewing balcony in the back. A pool and formal gardens take up the back side of the grounds. The baroness has a personal collection of tapestries, paintings, and sculptures commissioned from local artists. The house is open for tours throughout the week, which must be scheduled in advance, and additionally opens to the public for viewing special astronomical events.



Business & Economy

Several ranches throughout the barony specialize in raising sheep and alpaca breeds for their fleeces, which are some of the most sought after wool on Manticore and is a staple for the artists of the barony. The oldest and well-known of these ranches include Frankford Farms, Palisades Point, and Greenway Heights.

McGaw Observatory sits atop the tallest hill of Fair Isle, offering all citizens the chance to view the glory of the Manticoran system when the telescope is not in use for scientific observations. The observatory isn’t the largest and doesn’t have the clearest view, not being located on a mountain top, but its mission is to make the wonder of the galaxy accessible to all.

Baron Fair Isle runs a martial arts school and teaches his own self-defense classes based in krav maga.

Baroness Fair Isle owns a chain of local studio spaces, where artists can rent rooms as needed for projects. Available studios include those set-up for photography, music, larger dance rooms, and versatile spaces that can be used for painting, studying, or meditation.


Hiking trails criss cross through the land, offering opportunities to learn the area’s flora and fauna, and gives photographers interesting views for compelling compositions. Timbercreek Village is the most popular destination for those looking to vacation in forest cabins, and cabins range in size from tiny for just a person or two, to 5-bedroom options for those looking for a family holiday getaway.

Within Rosemeade, the central entertainment district is known as The Circle. A circular 15-acre park sits at the center with various venues, museums, galleries, and bars surrounding the area. The park has an amphitheater on the southern quadrant, with the audience facing north so that the park is a backdrop to all performances. Seasonal festivals take over the park throughout the year, complete with food and wares vendors and even small rides.

Citizens and visitors often take the short trip into New Greyhawke to scratch any gaming itch and curiosity they may have by strolling through The Scale.

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