HMS Intrepid (SD-463)

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HMS Intrepid (SD-463) is an Invictus-class Pod-laying Superdreadnought within Task Force 21. Intrepid is commanded by CAPTJG Matthew Lindquist, claiming Willmar, MN as its operating area.


Assigned to Second Fleet, Intrepid's charter city was Saint Louis Park, Minnesota. Intrepid was first brought into commission on 01 May 2013 under the command of CAPTSG Justin Grays, by order of BuShips [1]. This ship was an upgrade of HMS Athena (BC-439), a Homer-class Battlecruiser. Intrepid’s crew traces its lineage to HMS Merlin, which was the first ship launched in Second Fleet, and HMS Samurai, the second ship launched in Minnesota. Intrepid served as the Flagship of Task Force 21. The crew of the Intrepid continued to serve until 01 August 2018, when it was decommissioned and put into the Active Reserves.[2]

In 2021, Intrepid was recommissioned and is currently commanded by CAPTJG Matthew Lindquist, claiming Willmar, MN as its operating area.

Commanding Officers

# Name Assumed Relieved
1 CAPTSG Justin Grays 01 May 2013 [1] 02 Aug 2014
2 CAPTJG Brian Horton 02 Aug 2014[3] 18 Oct 2017
3 CAPTJG Stephen Nemer 18 Oct 2017 01 Aug 2018
4 CAPT Matthew Lindquist 4 July 2021[4] incumbent

Crew Lineage

  • 20 November 2011: Launched as HMS Samurai, a Valiant-class Light Cruiser
  • 27 April 2012: Ship upgraded to HMS Merlin, a Star Knight-class Heavy Cruiser
  • 28 October 2012: Ship upgraded to HMS Athena, a Homer-class Battlecruiser
  • 01 May 2013: Ship upgraded to HMS Intrepid
  • 01 August 2018: Ship placed in Active Reserves
  • 04 July 2021: Crew of HMS Juno (BC-726) upgraded to HMS Intrepid

Command Staff

  • Commanding Officer: CAPT Matthew Lindquist, GSN
  • Executive Officer: CDR Brent Peterson[5]
  • Bosun: CPO Triston Callantine

Auxiliary Craft

Her Majesty's Pinnace Intrepid-One was a Mark-30 Condor-class Pinnace, launched on 05 August 2014 under the command of LTJG Matthew Lindquist, GSN, and was stationed in Willmar, MN. The pinnace was decommissioned on 21 September 2015, at which time the pinnace was returned to the boat bay and its crew upgraded to GSNLAC Green Knight (LAC-011).


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