HMS Valkyrie (SD-355)

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HMS Valkyrie (SD-355) is a Medusa-class Pod-laying Superdreadnought within Battle Squadron 1, assigned to Second Fleet. Commanded by CAPTSG Dame Jill Mctavish, Countess Miyake-Jima, Valkyrie's charter city is Minneapolis, Minnesota.


Valkyrie was commissioned on 2 May 2013 under the command of CAPTSG Jill McTavish, by order of BuShips.[1] The commissioning ceremony was held in the presence of David Weber in the TRMN party room at DemiCon.

Her crew was formerly assigned to HMS Victorious and upgraded to this new vessel.

Commanding Officers

# Name Assumed Relieved
1 CAPTSG Dame Jill McTavish 3 May 2013[2] 17 Dec 2016
2 CAPTJG Christopher Thompson 17 Dec 2016[3] 4 Mar 2017
3 CAPTJG Don Hackett 4 Mar 2017[4] 14 Oct 2017
4 CAPTJG Daniel Stiglich 14 Oct 2017[5] 20 Aug 2018
4 CAPTSG Dame Jill McTavish 20 Aug 2018[6] Incumbent

Crew Lineage

Command Staff

Embarked Flag Officer(s)

Marine Detachment

MarDet Valkyrie is the Royal Manticoran Marine Corps shipboard complement, activated in 2014 [11] and currently consisting of a reinforced company.

MarDet Command Staff

  • MarDet CO: CPT Matthew Hellendrung, RMMC[12]
  • MarDet XO: 1LT Josiah Lilligren, RMMC
  • MarDet Gunny: MSGT Jessica Gazdik, RMMC

Auxiliary Craft

HM Pinnace Valkyrie-One

Her Majesty's Pinnace Valkyrie-01 was launched before April 2016. On 3 April 2016, the pinnace crew upgraded to HMLAC Sgian Dubh .[13]

Ship's Honors


List of honor citation (ribbon).png

Valkyrie was added to the List of Honor on 8 February 2016. The citation from the Third Space Lord reads:

In all, HMS Valkyrie and her crew were involved in 54 unique events, planning 43 of them themselves, ranging from social events, to cons, to community service. This unit is involved in community service events such as toys for tots. HMS Valkyrie has also created a fully operational bridge simulator which is taken to local cons and set up for play by attendees, the crew helped host the inaugural MantiCon, but also with two of the larger science fiction conventions in the area, MarsCon and CONvergence (resulting in over 900 hours donated to convention assistance). The party rooms hosted by the crew have won awards and the bridge simulator has brought worldwide attention to the ship and resulted in positive press for the RMN as a result. Last year they had members help each other out housing situations - letting other crew members crash on their couch when they were homeless and jobless. Other times, help was needed to get other members move into their new house or apartment, or fixing somebody’s car after it died. The ship hosts regular game nights where the crew can socialize and be themselves. HMS Valkyrie truly demonstrates the ideals of the RMN to which we all strive.[14]

Ship's Orders

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