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BuShips Directive 1602-05 was issued on 8 February 2016 under the authority of the Third Space Lord. This directive announces List of Honor awards.

Order Text


It has been a difficult decision amongst 4 great ships and crews and determining which stood out the most and, therefore, is most deserving of being named to the List of Honor. All 4 of the units listed below are deserving, but, at this time, the List of Honor can only induct 1 unit per year. The fact that a chapter did not get selected this year, is in no way a statement that they are not deserving, I had a tough time deciding which unit was most deserving and encourage all units to keep up the great work you are doing, and submit a nomination next year - it may be your year, you never know. I will be sending the award certificates to the Captains via email later today.

Without further ado, I hereby grant the following awards:


Awarded to HMS Invictus (SD-406). This unit has been very active at cons and in local charitable activities as well as helping out members in need.


Awarded to HMS Implacable (SD-467). This unit has been extremely active in community service activities, having raised over 6100 in just two weekends for Toys for Tots and the local food bank. The Crew of HMS Implacable has donated over 400 hours of time to a long list of community service activities. Among which are Toys for Tots, the local food bank, the local veteran’s cemetery, and Big Brothers/Big Sisters of New Mexico. The crew did while volunteering at local cons and conducting events with another ship in their local area.

Awarded to HMS Invincible (SD-455). This unit is home to many members of the RMN leadership as well as having been very involved in community service (raising over $3500 for Toys for Tots). HMS Invincible helps at many local cons in the area by working security, hoisting an RMN party room, the crew is also very involved in other local community service organizations and events. In addition to all of these activities, this crew also provides many members of the convention committee for MantiCon. The members of HMS Invincible are the first to organize and are the main contributors to fundraising for various causes and gift baskets for those who are in hospital, recovering from surgery or have suffered a loss, oftentimes this involved hundreds of dollars at a time have been raised for these causes.

And last, but by no means, least:

The LIST OF HONOR CITATION is awarded to HMS Valkyrie (SD-355).

In all, HMS Valkyrie and her crew were involved in 54 unique events, planning 43 of them themselves, ranging from social events, to cons, to community service. This unit is involved in community service events such as toys for tots. HMS Valkyrie has also created a fully operational bridge simulator which is taken to local cons and set up for play by attendees, the crew helped host the inaugural MantiCon, but also with two of the larger science fiction conventions in the area, MarsCon and CONvergence (resulting in over 900 hours donated to convention assistance). The party rooms hosted by the crew have won awards and the bridge simulator has brought worldwide attention to the ship and resulted in positive press for the RMN as a result. Last year they had members help each other out housing situations - letting other crew members crash on their couch when they were homeless and jobless. Other times, help was needed to get other members move into their new house or apartment, or fixing somebody’s car after it died. The ship hosts regular game nights where the crew can socialize and be themselves. HMS Valkyrie truly demonstrates the ideals of the RMN to which we all strive.

Given under my hand, this 8th Day of February, 2015 Under authority of the Sovereign and First Lord of the Admiralty

Issued by:
John Roberts KDE, SC
Admiral of the Green, RMN
Third Space Lord



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