Joint Chiefs Directives

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NOTE: This Wiki is the authoritative source for orders per the Fourth Space Lord. All orders have been provided by the issuing authority or are as posted in the TRMN Forums.

Notice to Editors: Only the Secretary of the Steering Committee, or their designate, is authorized to make modifications to Steering Committee Policy Documents. Any edit requests should be directed to the Grand Alliance Joint Chiefs of Staff and will be handled via the Amendment Process.
TRMN Orders & Directives
Joint Chiefs Directives (TRMN) Admiralty Orders (TRMN) Protector's Orders (GSN) Naval Directives (RMN) Corps Directives (RMMC) Army Directives (RMA) Home Office Directives (Civilian)

Joint Chiefs Directives are applicable to all branches of The Royal Manticoran Navy: The Official Honor Harrington Fan Association, Inc., and upon the adoption of the revised Bylaws in July of 2023, have supplanted Admiralty Orders as the primary method for establishing policy, procedure, staffing, etc. for the organization.


  1. Directives highlighted in red have been replaced/superseded or rescinded. There will be a link to the superseding/rescinding directive.

Policy Documents

Document Number Effective Date Subject Status Amended
PD-SC-1001 12 Oct 2023 Parliament Policy Active
PD-SC-1004 11 Nov 2023 Rank and Promotion Policy Active - Supersedes AO1312-03, AO1507-04, AO1701-01, AO1701-04, AO1701-05, AO1707-05, AO1707-07, AO1803-05, AO1807-03, AO2103-03, AO2112-01, AO2203-01, AO2212-01, AO2307-01, AO2307-02, AO2307-03, CD02-1701, ND15SE-02, ND16NO-01, ND17JA-01 20 Dec 2023
PD-SC-1005 11 Nov 2023 Uniform and Dress Code Policy Active - Supersedes AO1112-01, AO1204-03, AO1306-02, AO1507-02, AO1507-03, AO1604-03, AO1604-04, AO1604-05, AO1909-02, AO2307-05, Any previous depiction of Convention Minimum Outerwear ("Day Jacket") in component Uniform Manuals
PD-SC-1007 20 Jan 2024 Awards Policy Active - Supersedes AO1006-04, AO1006-05, AO1006-06, AO1102-04, AO1102-12, AO1204-05, AO1304-02, AO1308-05, AO1311-02, AO1312-04, AO1406-03, AO1506-01, AO1511-04, AO1701-02, AO1703-02, AO1707-06, AO1801-02, AO1803-03, AO1901-02, AO2307-07, AO2307-08, AO2307-11 28 Feb 2024
PD-SC-1008 20 Dec 2023 Promotion Board Policy Active
PD-SC-1009 18 Dec 2023 Peerage Nomination and Elevation Policy Active
PD-SC-1010 15 Dec 2023 Aerospace Wings Qualification Policy Active


Joint Chiefs Directive Effective Date Subject Status Amended
JCD 2401-03 21 Jan 2024 Promotion of VADM Michael Paquette, RMN Active
JCD 2401-02 20 Jan 2024 Establishment of PD-SC-1007 Awards Policy Active
JCD 2401-01 03 Jan 2024 Honorary First Lord of the Admiralty in Perpetuity Active
JCD 2312-03 20 Dec 2023 Establishment of PD-SC-1008 Promotion Board Policy Active
JCD 2312-02 18 Dec 2023 Establishment of PD-SC-1009 Peerage Nomination and Elevation Policy Active
JCD 2312-01 15 Dec 2023 Establishment of PD-SC-1010 Aerospace Wings Qualification Policy Active
JCD 2311-04 22 Nov 2023 Formal Seating of the Grand Alliance Joint Chiefs of Staff Active - Supersedes AO2201-02, AO1901-01, AO1808-02, AO1707-04, AO1311-05, AO1306-03, AO1009-04 06 Jan 2024
JCD 2311-03 11 Nov 2023 Appointment of the High Admiral of the Grayson Space Navy Active
JCD 2311-02 11 Nov 2023 Establishment of PD-SC-1005 Uniform and Dress Code Policy Active
JCD 2311-01 11 Nov 2023 Establishment of PD-SC-1004 Rank and Promotion Policy Active
JCD 2310-02 12 Oct 2023 Establishment of PD-SC-1001 Parliament Policy Active
JCD 2310-01 04 Oct 2023 Grand Alliance Unit Excellence Program (GAUEP) Active
JCD 2309-01 30 Sep 2023 Appointment of the Commandant of the Royal Manticoran Marine Corps Active - Supersedes AO 1109-01, AO 2309-01