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A Light Attack Craft (abbrev. LAC) is a sublight war vessel operated by several Honorverse navies, including the RMN, GSN, IAN, and RHN. LACs are not capable of faster-than-light travel, so the RMN developed the CLAC (Carrier, Light Attack Craft) as a hyper-capable ship carrying a number (usually approximately 80-100) of LACs to deploy in battle.

TRMN chapter type

In The Royal Manticoran Navy: The Official Honor Harrington Fan Association, Inc. (TRMN), a LAC is the smallest permanent independent chapter available. A LAC requires a minimum of three members, to include a Commanding Officer who has a minimum rank of O-3, an enlisted bosun who is E-7 or higher, and at least one additional member.

LAC names

Unlike hyper-capable chapters, which must select a canon ship name as provided by BuShips, LAC crews may create a ship name, subject only to BuShips limitations on good taste and avoiding replication of existing ship names. This reflects the idea that LAC crews select nicknames for their vessels, much like WWII bomber plane crews did.

Each LAC chapter is assigned a Hull Number sequential in order of commissioning within TRMN.


Echelon Units

Any fleet with one or more LACs must appoint a COLAC (Commanding Officer, Light Attack Craft) to oversee operations of LACs. Fleet COs may organize LACs within their order of battle into the following types of echelons, each of which will be commanded by a COLAC:

  • LAC Wing: all LACs operating from a CLAC.
  • LAC Group: a unit of LACs not operating from a CLAC.

Wings and Groups may be divided into LAC Flights of consisting 2-3 LACs, and commanded by a Flight Leader who is the senior LAC CO within the flight.

List of TRMN LACs

Number Name Class Commissioned Fleet Upgraded to
LAC-001 HMLAC Kiki Ferret 5 December 2011[1] 7th HMS Loki
LAC-002 HMLAC Grimalkin Shrike-B 28 February 2012[2] 10th HMS Bedivere[3]
LAC-003 HMLAC Zwicky Ferret 17 March 2012[4] 1st[5] HMS Bedivere[6]
LAC-004 HMLAC Superior Ferret 22 October 2012[7] 2nd decommissioned[8]
LAC-005 HMLAC Highlander's Pride Ferret 11 November 2012[9] 2nd HMS Ajax[10]
LAC-006 HMLAC Coyote Ferret 28 January 2013[11] 6th HMS Lionheart[12]
LAC-007 HMLAC Tiberius Ferret 2 March 2013[13] 6th
LAC-008 HMLAC Velociraptor Ferret 13 August 2013[14] 6th HMS Havoc[15]
LAC-009 HMLAC Rising Star 6th HMS Ares[16]
LAC-010 HMLAC Cochrane 2015 10th
LAC-011 GSNLAC Green Knight 21 September 2015[17] 2nd HMS Vixen
LAC-012 HMLAC Sgian Dubh Katana 3 April 2016[18] 2nd
LAC-013 HMLAC Caleb Katana 25 April 2016[19] 2nd HMS Roland[20]
LAC-014 HMLAC Abraxas Shrike-B 26 April 2016[21] 2nd
LAC-015 HMLAC Aetolian
LAC-016 HMLAC Fenrir 3rd decommissioned[22]
LAC-017 HMLAC White Wolf[23] 3rd
LAC-018 HMLAC Stiletto Katana 6 June 2016[24] 2nd HMS Galahad[25]
LAC-019 HMLAC Echidna 3rd decommissioned[26]
LAC-020 GSNLAC Lilla Björn 11 November 2016[27] 2nd[28]
LAC-021 GSNLAC Vital Grandin 10th decommissioned[29]
LAC-022 HMLAC Tiger's Pride Shrike-B 26 May 2017[30] 2nd
LAC-023 GSNLAC Crescent Moon GNS Hector Ferelli[31]
LAC-024 GSNLAC Gideon's Sword Katana 10 February 2018[32] 4th decommissioned[33]
LAC-025 HMLAC Vincit 1st
LAC-026 HMLAC Constantine Ferret 28 July 2018[34] 4th HMS Pegasus[35]
LAC-027 HMLAC Acasta 6 November 2018[36] 6th
LAC-029 HMLAC Gungnir Shrike 5 April 2019[37] 2nd
LAC-030 HMLAC Scythe Shrike-B 13 June 2019[38] 2nd
LAC-031 HMLAC Faraway Quest Shrike-B 13 June 2019[39] 2nd HMS Samurai[40]
LAC-032 HMLAC Fastjack Katana[41] 15 July 2019[42] 8th
LAC-033 HMLAC Browncoat Shrike-B 6 October 2019[43] 8th HMS Tornado[44]
LAC-034 HMLAC Banturon 11 December, 2019[45] 2nd HMS Havoc[46]
LAC-035 HMLAC Gazala 24 December 2019[47] 6th
LAC-036 HMLAC Corax 27 January 2020 6th decommissioned[48]
LAC-038 HMLAC Detriment Shrike-B 15 April 2023[49] 1st
RHLAC-002 RHLAC Pitchfork Cimiterre 18 August 2018 13th
SMLAC-001 SMLAC Arminius 9 June 2017[50] 2nd SMS Haudegen[51]

See also

Admiralty Order 1602-06 Defines command structure for LACs

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