Second Fleet Order 1606-A

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Fleet Order 1606-A was issued 6 June 2016 by Commanding Officer Second Fleet. This order commissioned HMLAC Stiletto (LAC-018).

Order Text

To: All TRMN personnel
From: Commanding Officer, 2nd (Gryphon) Fleet
Re: Commissioning of HMLAC Stiletto, LAC-018

GRYPHON FLEET ORDER 1606-A, 6 June 2016

Effective 06Jun2016, Her Majesty's Light Attack Craft STILETTO, LAC-018, is hereby COMMISSIONED. Stiletto is a Katana-class Light Attack Craft assigned to the 62nd LAC Wing and is based in Columbus, OH. .

Lieutenant Senior Grade Connor Bliss is appointed Commanding Officer of HMLAC Stiletto.

The following personnel are assigned to HMLAC Stiletto:

  • Lieutenant Senior Grade Connor Bliss, Commanding officer
  • Chief Petty Officer Ginny Beatty, Bosun
  • Spacer Third Class Joe Clement
  • Spacer Third Class Michael Dillon
  • Spacer Third Class Kevin Plummer
  • Spacer Third Class Rebecca Testerman
  • Sergeant Major David Woodward, RMMC
  • Master Sergeant Jennifer Woodward, RMMC
  • Corporal Bob Shupod, RMMC
  • Civilian-2 Tasia Russell

The following personnel are brevetted with the commissioning of this LAC:

  • Connor Bliss to O-3 Lieutenant Senior Grade
  • Ginny Beatty to E-7 Chief Petty Officer

This crew trained aboard Pinnace Sabrepike-01, which is hereby ordered returned to HMS Sabrepike's boat bay for use of the next development crew.

Best wishes to LAC and crew for good hunting!

The Tradition Lives! WESTMARCH

Issued by:
Rear Admiral of the Red, RMN
Earl of Westmarch
Commanding Officer, 2nd Fleet


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