HMS Havoc (DD-01)

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HMS Havoc (DD-01) was a Havoc-class Destroyer within Third Fleet. Commanded by CAPTJG John Chambers, Havoc claimed Muncie, IN as her charter city.


HMS Havoc commissioned in September of 2013 in Sixth Fleet, out of Omaha, NE,[1] as a result of an upgrade from HMLAC Velociraptor (LAC-008) under the command of Lieutenant Commander Jaeryn Sepdden, and remained in commission until this crew upgraded to HMS Tisiphone (CL-112) in June of 2014.[2] She was recommissioned in Third Fleet out of High Point, NC under the command of Lieutenant Commander Les Rickard in September of 2015, two years later almost to the day.[3]

Sadly, this iteration did not last long, as just over a year later, Havoc was returned to the Active Reserve in October of 2016,[4] where she remained until she was returned to the active service of Third Fleet out of Muncie, IN by the erstwhile crew of HMLAC Banturon (LAC-034), under the command of then-LCDR John Chambers.[5] She remained in service until December of 2021, whereupon the crew upgraded to HMS Interloper (SD-460), returning HMS Havoc to the Active Reserve once more.[6]

Commanding Officers

# Name Assumed Relieved
1 LCDR Jaeryn Spedden 05 September 2013 16 June 2014
2 LCDR Les Rickard 04 September 2015 31 October 2016
3 CAPTJG John Chambers 3 June 2020 15 December 2021

Crew Lineage

  • This space held for subsequent crew lineage upon recommissioning.

Command Staff

  • Commanding Officer: VACANT
  • Executive Officer: VACANT
  • Ship's Bosun: VACANT

Ship's Honors


Ship's Orders

NOTE: This Wiki is the authoritative source for orders per the Fourth Space Lord. All orders have been provided by the issuing authority or are as posted in the TRMN Forums.

Ship's Orders are subordinate to, and expand upon or amplify Admiralty Orders, Naval Directives, and Third Fleet Orders. They are applicable to Havoc operations and personnel.

Order No. Effective Date Subject Status
HMS Eponynomous Ship's Order 1608-24 24 August 2016 Place Holder for Future Orders Inactive


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