Second Fleet Order 1604-D

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Fleet Order 1604-D was issued 25 April 2016 by Commanding Officer Second Fleet. This order commissioned HMLAC Caleb (LAC-013).

Order Text

To: All TRMN personnel
From: Commanding Officer, 2nd (Gryphon) Fleet
Re: Commissioning of HMLAC Caleb, LAC-013

GRYPHON FLEET ORDER 1604-D, 25 April 2016

Effective 25APR2016, Her Majesty's Light Attack Craft CALEB, LAC-013, is hereby COMMISSIONED. Caleb is a Katana-class Light Attack Craft assigned to the 62nd LAC Wing and is based in Toledo, OH. Lieutenant Senior Grade Jeffry Ellis is appointed Commanding Officer of HMLAC Caleb.

The following personnel are assigned to HMLAC Caleb:

  • Lieutenant Senior Grade Jeffry Ellis, Commanding Officer
  • Chief Petty Officer Kate Shankie, Bosun
  • Spacer Third Class Robert Lucius, GSN

The following personnel are brevetted with the commissioning of this LAC:

  • Jeffry Ellis to O-3 Lieutenant Senior Grade
  • Kate Shankie to E-7 Chief Petty Officer

Best wishes to LAC and crew for good hunting!

The Tradition Lives!


Issued by:
Rear Admiral of the Red, RMN
Earl of Westmarch
Commanding Officer, 2nd Fleet


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