HMS Artemis (BC-592)

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HMS Artemis (BC-592) is a Nike-class Battlecruiser within Battlecruiser Division 921 of Task Group 91.1. Commanded by CAPTSG Christopher Beilby, OR, Artemis claims Santa Ana, California as her charter city.


Artemis was commissioned within Tenth Fleet on 15 April 2015 by order of BuShips, under the command of CAPTSG Sir Thomas Marrone. She participated at BayCon 2014, which was an Admiralty House event. In June, she became the flagship of Task Group 91.1, and led the echelon at several fleet events including Con-Volution 2014, BayCon 2015, and Con-Volution 2015. Artemis was transfered to the active fleet reserves on 14 November 2015, when her crew took custody of HMS Medusa.

She was recommissioned on 28 November 2015 within Tenth Fleet, when the crew of HMS Merlin transferred aboard. Her recommissioning ceremony took place at LosCon 2015. Since then, she has participated in several events, such as OryCon 37 and NerdCon 2016. Artemis became the flagship of BatCruDiv 921 in August of 2016.

Commanding Officers

# Name Assumed Relieved
1 CAPTSG Sir Thomas Marrone, KR 15 Apr 2014 27 Oct 2015
2 CDRE Michael Garcia, OC, GS 27 Oct 2015 14 Nov 2015
3 CAPTSG Christopher Beilby, OR 28 Nov 2015 Incumbent

Crew Lineage

Command Staff

  • Commanding Officer: CAPTSG Christopher Beilby, OR.
  • Executive Officer: CDR Steve Condrey
  • Ship's Bosun: SCPO Lara Beilby

Auxiliary Craft

Ship's Honors


Royal meritorious unit citation (ribbon).png

Ship's Orders

NOTE: This Wiki is the authoritative source for orders per the Fourth Space Lord. All orders have been provided by the issuing authority or are as posted in the TRMN Forums.

Ship's Orders are subordinate to, and expand upon or amplify Admiralty Orders, Naval Directives, Tenth Fleet Orders, and Task Group 91.1 Orders. They are applicable to Artemis operations and personnel.

Order No. Effective Date Subject Status
HMS Artemis Ship's Order 1608-01 16 Aug 2016 Orders of Promotion: Barrie Rosen and Rodney Conner
HMS Artemis Ship's Order 1603-01 04 Mar 2016 Orders of Promotion: Dene Guerry and Barrie Rosen
HMS Artemis Ship's Order 1512-01 13 Dec 2015 Order of Promotion: Susan Fox
HMS Artemis Ship's Order 1511-03 05 Nov 2015 Order of Promotion: Tom Hesser
HMS Artemis Ship's Order 1511-02 03 Nov 2015 Navy/Marine Achievement Award: Shon Elliott
HMS Artemis Ship's Order 1511-01 03 Nov 2015 Order of Brevet Promotion: Rand Wells
HMS Artemis Ship's Order 1510-02 28 Oct 2015 Establishment of the Artemis Wall of Honor
HMS Artemis Ship's Order 1510-01 27 Oct 2015 Order of Brevet Promotion: Melissa Hadley
HMS Artemis Ship's Order 1503-01 02 Mar 2015 Order of Promotion: Rand Wells
HMS Artemis Ship's Order 1411-01 24 Nov 2014 Orders of Promotion: Alia Duffy and Edward O'Connor
HMS Artemis Ship's Order 1410-01 13 Oct 2014 Order of Promotion: Rand Wells
HMS Artemis Ship's Order 1409-01 29 Sep 2014 Order of Brevet Promotion: Shon Elliott
HMS Artemis Ship's Order 1408-02 21 Aug 2014 Order of Promotion: Erik Roberts
HMS Artemis Ship's Order 1408-01 21 Aug 2014 Naval Commendation Decoration: FSMCPO Michael Garcia
HMS Artemis Ship's Order 1406-01 26 Jun 2014 Order of Promotion: Shon Elliott


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