Task Group 91.1

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Task Group 91.1
(TG 91.1)
Flagship: HMS Thunderer
Commander: CAPTSG Sir Erik Roberts
Area of
Reporting to: Tenth Fleet
Website: TenthFleet.org

Task Group 91.1 (abbrev: TG 91.1) is a multi-vessel task group within the Tenth Fleet. Commanded by CAPTSG Sir Erik Roberts, KDE, GS, QBM, CBM, RMN, from his flagship HMS Medusa, the task group's area of operations includes the US states of California and Nevada.


Task Group 91.1 was formed and established in June 2014 by order of the First Space Lord, FADM Sir Scott Akers.[1] The first commanding officer was CAPTSG Sir Thomas Marrone. Its charter member vessels were HMS Artemis (flagship), HMS Wolf, and HMS Roland.

At BayCon 2015 in Santa Clara, CA, the task group was the host echelon for the annual Tenth Fleet summit, where HMS Cerberus commissioned. The next month Cerberus and HMS Merlin (Santa Ana, CA) were added to the task group by Naval Directive 15JU-01U. Shortly after the inclusion of those two vessels, Sir Thomas stepped down as the task group's Commanding Officer and then-CAPTSG James Jones relieved him; Cerberus became flagship of the task group.[2] CAPTSG Jones received his promotion to flag status as Commodore of the task group in October.[3] The crew of Artemis upgraded to the superdreadnought HMS Medusa under the command of CDRE Michael Garcia, and Merlin's crew upgraded to Artemis. HMS Bedivere returned to the Tenth Fleet and was added along with Medusa to the task group's command.

2016 saw the beginning of additional echelon forces added to the task group, with the addition of HMS Chainshot under the command of CAPTJG Joseph Harney in late May during the very first Task Group 91.1 Summit at BayCon 2016. Chainshot and Roland formed Destroyer Division 231 under then-CDR Jack Yeager's command the following month.[4] At the end of July, Wolf and Cerberus consolidated their crews to form the second superdreadnought in the task group, HMS Thunderer under then-CAPTJG Sonja Thiede's command, and with CDRE Jones aboard, Thunderer became the task group's latest flagship. Shortly after, GNS Randolph Candless formed out of the crew of Artemis under the command of CAPT Aaron Davis, GSN, and formed Battlecruiser Division 921 with their former mothership; Artemis serving as flag for the division.[5]. Roland upgraded to HMS Intractable and Chainshot upgraded to HMS Revenge. With now four superdreadnoughts operating within the Greater San Francisco Bay Area and Central Valleys, Battle Squadron 2 formed under the command of CDRE Sir Joseph Harney.[6].

Task Group Commanding Officers

# Name Flagship Assumed Relieved
1 CAPTSG Sir Thomas Marrone, KR HMS Artemis 17 Jun 2014 08 Jun 2015
2 RADM Sir James Jones, KSK, GCE, CR, SC, OG, CGM, GS, QBM, CBM
Baron Whidbey Basin
HMS Thunderer 08 Jun 2015 01 Jan 2020[7]
3 CAPTSG Sir Erik Roberts HMS Medusa 01 Jan 2020 Incumbent

Task Group Headquarters Unit

  • Commanding Officer: CAPTSG Sir Erik Roberts, KDE, GS, QBM, CBM
  • Deputy Commanding Officer: VACANT
  • Chief of Staff: VACANT
  • Flag Captain:
  • Staff Yeoman:

Order of Battle

This Task Group has the following subordinate echelons and member vessels:

Battlecruiser Division 921 (BatCruDiv 921)

BatCruDiv 921 is under the command of CAPTSG Christopher Beilby.

Detached Duty

The following vessels are not currently assigned to any of the above echelon forces and are on detached duty with the Task Group:

Former Echelons and Members



Royal meritorious unit citation (ribbon).png

Task Group Orders

Order Effective Date Subject Status
Task Group 91.1 Order 1608-03 28 Aug 2016 Silesian Anti-Piracy Campaign Medal, August 2016
Task Group 91.1 Order 1606-11 06 Jun 2016 Silesian Anti-Piracy Campaign Medal, June 2016
Task Group 91.1 Order 1604-01 01 Apr 2016 Silesian Anti-Piracy Campaign Medal, March 2016
Task Group 91.1 Order 1603-07 07 Mar 2016 Appointment of Staff Yeoman
Task Group 91.1 Order 1602-13 29 Feb 2016 Appointment of Staff Communications Officer
Task Group 91.1 Order 1601-01 25 Jan 2016 Navy/Marine Achievement Medal, January 2016
Task Group 91.1 Order 1511-03 22 Nov 2015 Masadan Occupation Medal, November 2015
Task Group 91.1 Order 1510-03 09 Oct 2015 Silesian Anti-Piracy Campaign Medal, October 2015
Task Group 91.1 Order 1506-01 08 Jun 2015 Appointment of Staff Operations NCO
Task Group 91.1 Order 1503-01 24 Mar 2015 Meritorious Service Medal, March 2015
Task Group 91.1 Order 1410-01 13 Oct 2014 Awards, October 2014


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