HMS Cerberus (CLAC-42)

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HMS Cerberus (CLAC-42) was a Hydra-class LAC Carrier within Third Fleet. Commanded by CAPTJG Sir Andrew Martin, Cerberus claimed Chesapeake, VA as her charter city.


HMS Cerberus first commissioned in Tenth Fleet, under the command of Captain of the List James Jones, out of Ceres, California.[1] Command shifted to Captain of the List Katherine Texeira in October of that year, though the patrol area remained the same.[2]

Cerberus was attached to TG 91.1 in June of 2015[3]; this proved to be a most auspicious move, as they were subsequently awarded the RMU. However, subsequent to the crew's merger with HMS Wolf to launch HMS Thunderer[4], HMS Cerberus was returned to the Active Reserve and therefore removed from the task group.[5]

Cerberus recommissioned in Third Fleet in March of 2017, under command of Captain (JG) Sir Andrew Martin as part of an upgrade from HMS Beowulf (BC-739).[6] However, after three years, this vessel was returned once more to the Active Reserve in March of 2020.[7]

Having attended FleetEx OryCon 37, FleetEx FresCon 2016, and FleetEx NorWesCon 39 among others, HMS Cerberus has a history of giving a good showing for TRMN at conventions.

Commanding Officers

# Name Assumed Relieved
1 CAPTSG James Jones 23 May 2015 10 October 2015
2 CAPTSG Katherine Texeira 10 October 2015 30 July 2016
3 CAPTJG Sir Andrew Martin 21 March 2017 29 March 2020

Crew Lineage

  • This space held for subsequent crew lineage upon recommissioning.

Command Staff

  • Commanding Officer: VACANT
  • Executive Officer: VACANT
  • Ship's Bosun: VACANT

Assigned Light Attack Craft

There are no LACs assigned to the Cerberus at the current time. Below are LACs previously assigned to this vessel

Name Hull Number Class
HMLAC Echidna[8] LAC-019

Ship's Honors


Royal meritorious unit citation (ribbon).png

Ship's Orders

NOTE: This Wiki is the authoritative source for orders per the Fourth Space Lord. All orders have been provided by the issuing authority or are as posted in the TRMN Forums.

Ship's Orders are subordinate to, and expand upon or amplify Admiralty Orders, Naval Directives, and Third Fleet Orders. They are applicable to Cerberus operations and personnel.

Order No. Effective Date Subject Status
HMS Eponynomous Ship's Order 1608-24 24 August 2016 Place Holder for Future Orders Inactive


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