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Task Force 21 (abbrev: TF21) is a task force-level echelon reporting to the Second Fleet. Its area of operations includes the U.S. states of Minnesota and Wisconsin.


Task Force 21 was formed on 04 November 2014 through Naval Directive 14NO-01, which appointed Commodore John Neitz to the position of Commanding Officer. CDRE Neitz chose his previous command, HMS Invincible (SD-455) as his flagship.

Task Force 22 Commanding Officers

# Name Flagship Assumed Relieved
1 CDRE Sir John Neitz, Baron Westmarch HMS Invincible 04 Nov 2014[1]
2 CDRE Sir Justin Grays, Baron New Victoria HMS Intrepid 19 April 2016[2]
3 CDRE Ann Erickson 25 Nov 2018 [3]

Task Force Command Staff

  • Commanding Officer:
  • Deputy Commanding Officer:
  • Flag Captain:

Area of Operations

TF 22 consists of ships located in Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Order of Battle

Task Group 21.1

TG 21.1 is under the command of CAPTSG Dame Jill McTavish, KDR.

Destroyer Squadron 265 (DesRon 265)

DesRon 265 is under the command of CAPTJG Sir Paladin Meyer, and is assigned to Task Group 21.1. This Squadron is comprised of 3 destroyers and a heavy cruiser command ship, located northwest of the Twin Cities.

Task Group 21.2

TG 21.2 is under the command of CAPTSG Timothy Bailey, and comprises chapters located in the state of Wisconsin.

Task Force Orders

Order Effective Date Subject Status


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