Diplomatic Corps

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The Diplomatic Corps (abbrev: Dip) is a component of The Royal Manticoran Navy: The Official Honor Harrington Fan Association, Inc. (TRMN), one of two non-uniformed civilian branches. Members of this branch focus on administration. The Foreign Minister heads this branch.


List of Diplomatic Corps Staff

Foreign Ministers

The head of the Diplomatic Corps, the Foreign Minister, works directly for the Home Secretary, who is a Junior Vice President on the TRMN Board of Directors, also known as the Royal Council. Due to the shared interests of SIS and the Diplomatic Corps, the Foreign Minister works closely with their head: the Director of Intelligence .

The Foreign Minister oversees the chapters of the members of the Diplomatic Corps; the Diplomatic Corps is shown as Civilian (DIP) in the MEDUSA database. The Foreign Minister uses BuPers' MEDUSA records to track the Civilian Diplomatic members. In addition to this, they maintain contact using the TRMN Forums, official Discord servers, and email so that they can be accessible to the membership.

# Name Assumed Relieved
1 RADM Sir Matthew Parker, Earl Camera Stellata 17 November 2018 25 October 2023
2 Dame Karolyn Morgan, KGL 25 October 2023[1] Incumbent

Deputy Foreign Ministers

# Name Assumed Relieved
1 Dame Karolyn Morgan 3 September 2022[[[2] 25 October 2023


As delineated in HOD 009-23:

Regional Organization

Fleet Terminus
Task Force Quadrant
Task Group Sector
Task Detachment Region
Squadron System
Division Planetary

The Head of each group is titled the Secretary, i.e., Terminus Secretary, etc. The Deputy is titled the Undersecretary, i.e., Quadrant Undersecretary, etc.

Chapter types and leadership titles

Head of Posting Deputy Assistant
Delegation 3 Envoy (C-5) N/A N/A
Consulate 10 Consul(C-12) Deputy Consul N/A
Legation 17 Minister(C-14) Deputy Minister(C-13) Associate Minister (C-7)
Embassy 26 Commissioner(C-17) Charge d’Affaires (C-16) Operations Director (C-7)

Diplomatic Chapters

  • Embassy Nouveau Paris Chief of Mission: Richard Johnson.[4]
  • Diplomatic Mission Albion, headed by Dame Amy Wagstaff-Weston, RMN, attached to GNS Albion in the UK.[5]

Ranks within the Diplomatic Corps[6]

Paygrade title
C-1 Consulate Staff
C-2 Senior Consulate Staff
C-3 Junior Attaché
C-4 Attaché
C-5 Consular Attaché
C-6 Senior Consular Attaché
C-7 Third Secretary
C-8 Second Secretary
C-9 First Secretary
C-10 Senior Administrator
C-11 Legate
C-12 Counselor
C-13 Minister-Counselor
C-14 Minister
C-15 Special Envoy
C-16 Ambassador
C-17 Permanent Representative
C-18 Ambassador at Large
C-19 Minister Resident
C-20 Deputy Foreign Minister
C-21 Foreign Minister
C-22 Home Secretary

Forms of Address

In contrast to other branches in TRMN, members of the Diplomatic Corps are not addressed by their paygrade. Instead, the general form of address is Mr./Ms./Mx. or other such title preferred by the member.

In the event the member has a knighthood, peerage, or award that confers a special form of address, the member shall instead be addressed according to their awarded status.


Awards issued to qualifying members of the Diplomatic Corps are listed at Civilian awards.

Announcements/Home Office Directives

Office Order Effective Date Subject Status
HOD 013-23 25 Oct 2021 Appointment of head of the Diplomatic Corps Active
HOD 06-23 14 Feb 2021 Expansion to Consulate General Rigel Active
HOD 014-21 07 Aug 2021 Opening of “Consulate - Specter” Active
HOD 009-21 03 Apr 2021 Opening of “Diplomatic Mission - Albion” Active
HOD 007-20 16 Apr 2020 Civilian Chapters (Postings) – Diplomatic Corps and Special Intelligence Services (SIS) Active
HOD 011-19 08 May 2019 Appointment of the Home Office Foreign Minister Active