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A squadron is a type of echelon of warships organized for administrative and/or operational purposes.


Hyper-capable ships

Honorverse navies commonly organize hyper-capable ships into squadrons of eight ships of the same type:


Each squadron of hyper-capable warships is usually divided into divisions of 2-3 ships.

  • BatRon: Battle Division (BatDiv)
  • BatCruRon: Battlecruiser Division (BatCruDiv)
  • CruRon: Cruiser Squadron (CruDiv)
  • LCruRon: Light Cruiser Division (LCruDiv)
  • DesRon: Destroyer Division (DesDiv)
  • CLACRon: Carrier Division (CLACDiv)


It is possible for two or more squadrons to be organized into a flotilla. This is most common for destroyers. A DesFlot is usually an administrative echelon with the constituent ships operating individually or in divisions.


Light Attack Craft are usually organized into Wings or Groups, each of which is commonly divided into squadrons of 8-12 LACs.

Royal Manticoran Army

In Royal Manticoran Army Atmospheric Command regiments, a squadron is the equivalent of a company in ground unit regiments. Each Atmospheric Command wing (battalion equivalent) is made up of two or more squadrons of atmospheric or orbital craft, such as the M1116 Viper stingship, or the M105 Goliath transport.

Use in TRMN

In The Royal Manticoran Navy: The Official Honor Harrington Fan Association, Inc.(TRMN), squadrons may be formed by chapters within a fleet which are located within a geographical proximity allowing them to operate together (e.g. attend conventions and other events together).

Squadrons/divisions are considered "grassroots" echelons formed at the request of the constituent ships with the approval of the First Space Lord. This is contrasted with task forces and task groups, which are "top-down" geographical echelons formed by the First Space Lord in consultation with the fleet CO. Squadrons/divisions might be part of a task echelon, but are not necessarily part of one.

TRMN Squadrons usually consist of four or more ships, divided into two or three divisions of 2-3 ships each.

Although in canon a division is by definition a constituent part of a squadron, in TRMN it is common for a division to be formed even if there is not a full squadron. This is because there are often not enough chapters in an area to form a squadron. Divisions will still be numbered as if they are part of a notional squadron, and may still devise and use the crest of the squadron.

Example: CruDiv 42.1 is the first division of the 42nd Cruiser Squadron. Even if TRMN has only this division and no full squadron, the division may have a CruRon 42 crest approved. Later, if CruDiv 42.2 is formed, the two divisions will make up CruRon 42.

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