Home Office Directive 006-23

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Home Office Directive 006-23 was issued 16 January 2023 by the Office of the Home Secretary.

Directive Text

To: All Civilian and military personnel, Star Empire of Manticore and Allies.
From: Home Secretary Wayne Bruns GCE, OM, KDGL, MC, DSA, DA, KR, Home Secretary, Earl of Cappanarrow
Re: HOD 006-23 Expansion of Consulate Specter to Consulate General and relocation

History - “As of 14:00 EST on 7th August 2021, it is my pleasure and privilege to announce the opening of our first civilian Consulate. In line with Home Office Directive 007-20 the chapter will be formally known as “Consul - Specter” and is hosted by HMS Specter (CLAC-29). The following personnel are hereby transferred and permanently assigned to “Consul - Specter”

  • Consul (Head of Posting) Richard Johnson RMN-2526-14
  • Deputy Consul (Deputy Head of Posting) Karolyn Morgan RMN-2520-14

Consulate Staff Members:

  • Wayne Byers RMN-3050-15
  • Debi J. Dreese-Hoch RMN-6247-20
  • Pamela Fletcher RMN-0375-15
  • Paula Johnson RMN-2549-14
  • Katheryne Johnson RMN-2523-14
  • Joel Lyons RMN-1874-14
  • Morgaine McNeely RMN-2547-14
  • Linda Needham RMN-2521-14
  • Heather Noon RMN-2620-14
  • Kayte Ray RMN-6674-21
  • Jennifer Young RMN-6263-20”

As of today - 2:00 pm EST, February 14, 2023; it is my pleasure and privilege to announce the Expansion of the Consulate Specter to our first Consulate General, with the addition of the following members:

  • Joseph Morgan -
  • Donna Ullman RMM-2815-15 RMN
  • Laura Delancy – 2828-15 Diplomatic
  • Akasha Delancy- 2829-15 RMN
  • Caitlyn Delancy- 3284-15 SFC
  • Brodie Delancy- 2876-15 SFC

The Consulate General and its members are reassigned to the HMS Rigel (BC-591) of Home Fleet and will be known henceforth as the Consulate General Rigel.

In Honor of the Empress,
Deputy Foreign Minister,
Karolyn Morgan

Issued by:
Wayne Bruns GCE, OM, KDGL, MC, DSA, DA, KR
Home Secretary
Earl of Cappanarrow

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Home Office Directive 007-20: delineates civilian diplomatic chapter requirements.

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