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The Third Fleet (Gryphon) is one of the numbered fleets within The Royal Manticoran Navy: The Official Honor Harrington Fan Association, Inc.. Commanded by CAPTJG Lord Sir Daniel Walker, from his flagship HMS Werewolf (CLAC-28), this fleet's area of operations includes the United States regions of Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, Tennessee, Mississippi, Georgia, Florida, as well as the international regions of Mexico and the Caribbean.


Third Fleet Commanding Officers

# Name Flagship Assumed Relieved
1 RADM Eugene Haggerty Unknown 28 Feb 2011 4 Nov 2012
2 RADM Renee Haggerty Unknown 4 Nov 2012 9 Nov 2013
3 VADM Lord Sir Daniel Walker HMS Werewolf 9 Nov 2013 unknown
4 CAPTJG Michael Romero, OC, OG Unknown Unknown Incumbent

Fleet Headquarters Unit

  • Commanding Officer: VADM Lord Sir Daniel Walker, MC, KE, GS, CBM, Baron Mars-Evans
  • Deputy Commanding Officer: CDRE Sir John Gahrmann, KR, KDE, CGM
  • Fleet Bosun: FSMCPO John Kane
  • Fleet Chief of Staff: CAPTJG Angela Clayton, PMV
  • Fleet Intelligence Officer: CAPTSG Johnathon Pittman
  • Fleet Data Warfare Officer: CAPTJG Michael Romero, OC, OG
  • Fleet Flag Captain: CAPTSG Carl Christianson, HMS Werewolf
  • Fleet Flag Lieutenant: LTJG Nina Gordon

Order of Battle

The Third Fleet is home to three division-level echelon forces; Carrier Division 624, Battlecruiser Divisions 311 and 314, and Escort Division 6.

Carrier (LAC) Division 624 (ClacDiv 624)

Main Article: Carrier Division 624

Battlecruiser Division 311 (BatCruDiv 311)

Main Article: Battlecruiser Division 311

BatCruDiv 311 is under the command of CAPTSG Michael Romero, OC, OG.

Battlecruiser Division 314 (BatCruDiv 314)

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Escort Division 06 (CortDiv 06)

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Detached Units

The following units are on detached duty within Third Fleet, listed in descending order of tonnage and seniority:

Former Echelons and Member Vessels

The following ships were formerly part of Third Fleet:

Fleet Orders

Related Orders


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