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The Royal Manticoran Marine Corps (abbrev. RMMC) is a component of The Royal Manticoran Navy: The Official Honor Harrington Fan Association, Inc.. Members of this component tend to focus on the Marine Corps aspect of the stories. RMN ships with a sufficient number of members who are Marines may form a Marine detachment, or MarDet. They wear the uniform of the RMMC and are addressed by Marine ranks.

Marine Forces Command

Marine Forces Command, or FORCECOM, is the overall command echelon of the various Marine Detachments, Regiments and Expeditionary Forces of the RMMC.

Commands of the Royal Manticoran Marine Corps

Management of the RMMC is handled through various Commands which each manage a particular area of the RMMC.

RMMC Orders

Corps Directives are issued by the Commandant of the RMMC and apply to the entire branch.

FORCECOM Orders are operational orders issued by COMFORCECOM to specific MarDets and other RMMC units.


The RMMC has a hierarchy of echelons grouping its operational forces:


The largest geographical area division for the RMMC is the Corps:[1]

  • First Corps – North and South America (deactivated as is subsidiary Expeditionary Forces are now developed)[2]
  • Second Corps – Europe and Africa
  • Third Corps – Asia and Australia
  • Fourth Corps – BuNine

Expeditionary Force

An Expeditionary Force consists of all Marine units operating within a Naval District and follows the same numbering system:


Expeditionary forces consist of one or more marine regiments. Each regiment may be formed of Marine Detachments from multiple ships. The senior regiment for each expeditionary force is as follows:

Force Regiment Name
1st "The Manticore Guard Regiment" aka Manticore Guards
2nd "The Gryphon Highlander Regiment" aka Gryphon Highlanders
3rd "The Montanero Regiment"
4th "The New Covenant Regiment"
6th "Tannerman Rifle Regiment" aka Tannerman Rifles
8th "The Medusa Regiment"
10th "The Lynx Regiment"

Marine Detachment

The marines forming part of a Royal Manticoran Navy ship's complement are referred to as a Marine Detachment (MarDet), and may number anywhere from a platoon to a battalion, depending on the size of the ship.

Former echelons

Admiralty Order 1102-13 specifies a hierarchy of echelons for marine and army units including:

  • Brigade (two regiments)
  • Division (two brigades)
  • Planetary Force (two divisions)

These have since been removed as Marine Corps echelon types in TRMN.[1]


Within the context of the Honorverse canon, Marines form an integral part of a ship's crew; they man the ship's weapons, are crucial to damage control and are used for boarding parties or to provide a quick-reaction ground force on a planet's surface. While Marines can be deployed as a garrison force, such arrangements usually last only until they are relieved by Army units.[3]


Marines can be promoted when they have meet the "Time in grade", the "Time in Service" and passed any necessary courses. The courses can be found at the RMMC Enlisted Training Center.

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