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Canon refers to the body of Honorverse novels and stories written by David Weber and his co-authors, as well as licensed materials such as Saganami Island Tactical Simulator sourcebooks. The stories, settings, and characters presented therein all form part of the canon.

Canon is also used as an adjective to describe the stories, settings, characters, and information presented in the Honorverse literature and ancillary materials.

People, places, and things that are included in the canon are sometimes described to be "in-universe."


The Royal Manticoran Navy: The Official Honor Harrington Fan Association, Inc. patterns its structure and culture on the military structure and society described in the Honorverse canon, insofar as is possible.

It is not possible to be completely "faithful to canon" in all aspects of a real world organization when it is modeled on a fictional setting taking place in the far future and containing technology and places that do not exist. However, for its internal operations, member interaction, and material culture, TRMN has adopted many elements based on the canon, including:

The online reference compiling canon information is the Honorverse Wiki. Since the TRMN wiki compiles information specific to TRMN (the fan organization), it cites the corresponding Honorverse Wiki article when referencing relevant canon.[1]