RMMCTC Officer Training Center

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The RMMA Officer Training Center is a part of the Royal Manticoran Marine Academy whereby all members of the Royal Manticoran Marine Corps interested in obtaining an officer's commission may receive training. Within The Royal Manticoran Navy: The Official Honor Harrington Fan Association, Inc., this organization is responsible for proctoring and instructing members to satisfy training requiring for promotion to commissioned officer's paygrades from O-1 to O-6.

Courses Available

The following courses are currently available from the RMMA Officers Academy, as of February 2014[1]:

Course Name Prerequisite Paygrade(s)
SIA-RMN-0101 2nd Lieutenant SIA-RMMC-0004 O-1
SIA-RMN-0102 1st Lieutenant SIA-RMMC-0101 O-2
SIA-RMN-0103 Captain SIA-RMMC-0102 O-3
SIA-RMN-0113 Introduction to Management SIA-RMMC-0103 N/A
SIA-RMN-0104 Major SIA-RMMC-0113 O-4
SIA-RMN-0105 Lieutenant Colonel SIA-RMMC-0104 O-5
SIA-RMN-0115 Introduction to Leadership SIA-RMMC-0105 N/A
SIA-RMN-0106 Colonel SIA-RMMC-0115 O-6A

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