Saganami Island Naval Academy

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The Royal Manticoran Naval Academy, commonly known as "Saganami Island Naval Academy", or simply "Saganami Island" after its location, is the premier training facility for the Royal Manticoran Navy and is part of the Bureau of Training.

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The Royal Manticoran Naval Academy[1] is located on Saganami Island [2], named for the RMN hero Commodore Sir Edward Saganami [3]. The island is located on the planet Manticore in Jason Bay, a short aircar ride from the capital city of Landing.

TRMN Organization and Mandate

"Saganami Island Academy", commonly abbreviated SIA or SINA in The Royal Manticoran Navy: The Official Honor Harrington Fan Association, Inc., was formed as a part of BuTrain in 2008 per Admiralty Order 0801-05. Its mandate is to first provide organizational and leadership training that is required for promotion in ranks within the RMN. It's secondary mandate is to promote study and learning in science, engineering, math, history, military history and space exploration.

The academy offers a wide variety of courses in many different subjects and BuTrain staff are constantly working to provide new subjects and areas of study. Currently Saganami Island Academy offers courses in several different areas:

Naval College

The SIA Naval College oversees the SIA Enlisted Training Center and the SIA Officer Training Center

Enlisted Training Center

The SIA Enlisted Training Center is a basic introduction to the Honorverse as well as a basic introduction to the The Royal Manticoran Navy: The Official Honor Harrington Fan Association, Inc.. The Enlisted Training Center is divided into three sections, Basic Enlisted School, Non-Commissioned Officer School, and Advanced Non-Commissioned Officer School.

  • The Basic Enlisted School is designed to be a true introductory course. All members, upon joining are required to take the E-1 Basic course if they want to advance in rank. This simple course gives you a good introduction to the Honorverse.
  • The Non-Commissioned Officer School is designed to begin your training as a leader and manager. It will introduce, in very broad terms, some basic leadership concepts and management ideas.
  • The Advanced Non-Commissioned Officer School will further your education as a leader and manager.

Officer Training Center

The SIA Officer Training Center designed to teach leadership, management and tactics.

  • The SIA Warrant Officers School is designed to advance Senior Non-Commissioned Officers who deserve and have earned the chance for more command responsibility and furthers the leadership advanced by the Non-Commissioned Officer's School of the Enlisted Training Center.
  • The Junior Officer School trains the first two levels of Officer. These courses focus on basic management and leadership.
  • The Staff Officer School trains the next two levels of officer, including a management course.
  • The Senior Officer School trains the highest two levels of Officer. These courses focus on more advanced management and leadership techniques, including a leadership course.

Saganami Island Naval Academy War College

The SIA War College The SIA War College trains RMN Captains of the List and flag officers. These courses focus directly on advanced management, leadership, and tactics.

Advanced Tactical Center

The Saganami Island Advanced Tactical Center teaches the Advanced Tactical Course, which is designed to teach advanced tactical thinking. It is open to Commanding Officers and Executive Officers of hyper-capable commands (Destroyers (DD) and larger).

Technical Specialties College

The SIA Technical Specialties College is where you learn more about your various ship-board divisions and systems. The Technical Specialties College includes eight departments: Command, Administration, Logistics, Tactical, Engineering, Communications, Astrogation, and Medical. For marines these courses will help the marine specialize in Rifleman, Embassy Guard, Assault Marine, etc. These courses are recommended for both Enlisted and Officers as they will help you understand your department better.

TRMN History

Commandant SIA

# Name Assumed Relieved
1 CDRE Penny Horwtz, GSN 2011 13 February 2012
2 RADM Laura Lochen KCR, MC, DSO, ME 13 February 2012 20 February 2016
3 RADM Eric Schulman OM, SC, OG, ME 20 February 2016 07 March 2018
4 CDRE Colin Lloyd KCE, MC, QBM, CBM 07 March 2018 31 July 2018
5 RADM Ed Wandall KCE, SC, CBM 31 July 2018 01 Nov 2021
6 CAPTJG Samirah Johnstone OG, CGM, CBM 01 Nov 2021 18 March 2022
7 CDRE Bruce W. Crews KDE, OG, CGM, GS 18 March 2022 Incumbent

Academy Staff

Follow the link below to find a searchable and continuously updated staff list for the Bureau of Training and the connected Academies.

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