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The King Roger I Military Academy (abbrev. KR1MA) is the training academy for those who serve in the ground forces of the Royal Manticoran Army. They offer a wide selection of courses in various subjects and the curriculum is designed around the needs of the Royal Manticoran Army. Currently the KR1MA is home to several sub-schools.

Organization and Mandate

The RMA formed the position of the Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Training (ODCSTRA) in 2012 per Army Directive 05-1209. This position was made a liaison to the Bureau of Training and was directed to develop materials and programs for the RMA’s King Roger I Military Academy. KR1MA works with the BuTrain to coordinate the training of the members of the RMA.

It's mandate is to first provide organizational and leadership training that is required for promotion in ranks within the RMA. It's secondary mandate is to promote study and learning in science, engineering, math, history, and military history.

Currently the King Roger I Military Academy offers courses in several different areas:

Enlisted Training Center

The KR1MA Enlisted Training Center is a basic introduction to the Honorverse as well as a basic introduction to the The Royal Manticoran Navy: The Official Honor Harrington Fan Association, Inc. and the Royal Manticoran Army. The Enlisted Training Center is divided into three sections, the Enlisted School, the Junior Non-Commissioned Officer School, and Senior Non-Commissioned Officer School.

  • The Enlisted School - The Enlisted School is where they teach the basics of being a Soldier in her Majesty's Army.
  • Junior Non-commissioned Officer's School - The Non-commissioned Officer’s School is designed to begin your training as a leader and manager. It will introduce, in very broad terms, some basic leadership concepts and management ideas.
  • Senior Non-commissioned Officer's School - Introduces a more advanced leadership curriculum.

Officer Training Center

Warrant Officer's School

Where the other schools of the KR1MA emphasize combat skills and leadership, the Warrant Officer School focuses on developing the technical professionals through education, training and an emphasis on professional growth through life-long learning. Where Commissioned Officers specialize in combat leadership, the Royal Manticoran Army Warrant Officer is a technical leader as well as a subject matter expert in a chosen field of study.

Officer's School

The mission of the Officer’s School is to train officers and senior officers at key points in their careers and serves as the crucible from which are drawn the future ground-force commanders of the Royal Manticoran Army. The commissioned officers of her Majesty’s Army are grown and shaped by constant pressure to succeed and a tradition of doing more with less.
The Officer's School is divided into three distinct sections, these train the student in different aspects necessary to be successful in their careers as officers.
    • The Junior Officer School is oriented towards tactics and the necessary skills for working with NCOs.
    • The Senior Officer School provides lessons about operational issues and working well with both higher and lower echelon elements.
    • The Officer School teaches the student the leadership and management methodology common to all Manticoran armed services.

Staff Officer’s School

The Staff Officer’s School provides intermediate level education for the commissioned Officer corps of the Royal Manticoran Army and prepares RMA leaders for their roles as advisors to the combat commander. Graduates of this course have a thorough grounding in the conduct of ground combat at the operational-level.

War College

The Royal Manticoran Army’s War College trains General Officers and focuses mainly on advanced management, leadership and strategy. Students of the War College will learn large unit tactics, military administration and advanced leadership.

The Branch/Army Occupational Specialty College

The schools under the Occupational Specialty College represent the core areas of study for all levels of the Royal Manticoran Army. Every Soldier’s first experience with their chosen occupational specialty begins in the halls of this school. Army Occupational Specialty (AOS) Designations The Royal Manticoran Army structures its job/specialty system by separating them into occupational fields or “Branches” in which no distinction is made between officers and enlisted soldiers. The Branches are numbered from 01 to 99 and include general categories under which individual jobs or Army Occupational Specialties (AOS) fall. Within each AOS there are multiple Additional Skill Identifiers or ASIs that represent specialized training within each field of study.

The RMA further distinguishes between Branches by defining them as either “Combat” or “Specialist” tracks. Combat branches are Officer led while Specialist branches are Warrant Officer led and Warrant Officers that distinguish themselves in combat can often find themselves commissioned and “rebranched” to the combat side of the house.


Commanding Officer KR1MA

# Name Assumed Relieved
1 COL Peter Gordon 03 June 2013 1 March 2015
2 COL Chris Fells 1 March 2015 1 February 2016
3 MAJ Brad Lee 1 February 2016 30 August 2017
4 MAJ Raul Trevino 30 August 2017
4 BGEN Sir Aaron Clark 11 July 2022[1] 12 December 2022
4 FM Sir John Brice 12 December 2022[2] Incumbent

Academy Staff

Follow the link below to find a searchable and continuously updated staff list for the Bureau of Training and the connected Academies.

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