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The RMN War College is a part of the Saganami Island Naval Academy located on Manticore, whereby all members of the Royal Manticoran Navy interested in obtaining training for high or flag rank may enroll. Within The Royal Manticoran Navy: The Official Honor Harrington Fan Association, Inc., this organization is responsible for proctoring and instructing members to satisfy training requiring for promotion to flag rank, beginning with paygrade O-6B (Captain of the List) to F-4 (Admiral).

Courses Available

The following courses are currently available from the War College, as of February 2014[1]:

Course Name Prerequisite Paygrade(s)
SIA-RMN-1001 Captain of the List SIA-RMN-0106 Captain (SG)
SIA-RMN-1002 Large Fleet Tactics SIA-RMN-1001 Rear Admiral
SIA-RMN-1003 Military Administration SIA-RMN-1002 Vice Admiral
SIA-RMN-1004 Advanced Leadership SIA-RMN-1003 Admiral
SIA-RMN-1005 Advanced Tactical Course Billet of CO or XO of DD or larger N/A

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