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The Flag GSN.png Grayson Space Navy's (GSN) enlisted training takes place at the Isaiah Mackenzie Naval Academy's Enlisted Training Center, located close to Alvarez Field near Harrington Steading. All GSN personnel, whether destined to become officers or not, begin their service to the Sword here. Within The Royal Manticoran Navy: The Official Honor Harrington Fan Association, Inc., this organization is dedicated to helping GSN members prepare themselves for advancement.

Note that there is a one-to-one correspondence between RMN/RMMC and GSN enlisted courses, and therefore pre-requisites listed below also include the equivalent SIA course as an alternate. For example, the pre-requisite for IMNA-GSN-0002 is IMNA-GSN-0001; SIA-RMN-0001 or SIA-RMMC-0001 will also satisfy the pre-requiste requirement. If you apply for an IMNA course and have SIA course credits, please say so in your course request. RMA personnel, please consult with IMNA staff to determine what the equivalencies are.

Courses Available

The following courses are currently available from the IMNA Enlisted Training Center:

Course Name Prerequisite Paygrade(s) Unlocked
Grayson Space Navy - Enlisted Courses
IMNA-GSN-0001 Basic Enlisted Course TRMN Membership E-2 Spacer 2nd Class
E-3 Spacer 1st Class
IMNA-GSN-0002 Basic Non-Commissioned Officer Course IMNA-GSN-0001 E-4 Petty Officer 3rd Class
E-5 Petty Officer 2nd Class
IMNA-GSN-0003 Advanced Non-Commissioned Officer Course IMNA-GSN-0002 E-6 Petty Officer 1st Class
E-7 Chief Petty Officer
IMNA-GSN-0004 Senior Chief Petty Officer Course IMNA-GSN-0003 E-8 Senior Chief Petty Officer
IMNA-GSN-0005 Master Chief Petty Officer Course IMNA-GSN-0004 E-9 Master Chief Petty Officer
IMNA-GSN-0006 Senior Master Chief Petty Officer Course IMNA-GSN-0005 E-10 Senior Master Chief Petty Officer

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