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Imperial Prinz Adalbert Marineakademie
Pama logo.png
PAMA Fredrick the Great School of Naval Exception
PAMA Admiral Scheer College of Naval Leadership
Junior Officer School
Senior Officer School
PAMA Gustav I Command College of Space Warfare
PAMA Sun-Tzu Academy of Military Philosophy
PAMA Tsingtao College of Naval Specialization

The Imperial Prince Adalbert Naval Academy (PAMA) is the principal Imperial Andermani Navy (IAN) military academy and has served for centuries to train the best and brightest of the IAN to protect not only the Imperium but the Grand Alliance from threats both foreign and domestic. Its campuses on Potsdam, Neu Berlin offer courses to prospective students that aim to broaden the skills and knowledge which they will need to fulfill the tasks set before them in their future roles as IAN crew and officers. PAMA is open to all members of the Grand Alliance of The Royal Manticoran Navy, and participation from our foreign members is strongly encouraged, however PAMA is operated differently than other military academies: A strong background in leadership, starting in the Enlisted School, is transferred throughout our courses. The IAN’s tactics differ on stances such as the conduct of LAC Tactics and the use of Missiles. And the scope of the entire Imperium as a multi-system polity makes it remarkably different than the Manticoran or Grayson concepts of system/alliance defense.

Honor Society

PAMA's academic honor society is the Chancellor Rosebud Society, as introduced in BuTrain Directive BD-002-21.