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Main Line Training Center (MLTC)
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Saganami Island Naval College
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Kaiserlische Andermanische Prinz-Adlebert Marineakademie
Republic of Haven Naval College
Grand Alliance Advanced Tactical Center

The Imperial Prince Adalbert Naval Academy (PAMA) is the principal Imperial Andermani Navy (IAN) military academy and has served for centuries to train the best and brightest of the IAN to protect not only the Imperium but the Grand Alliance from threats both foreign and domestic. The academy offers courses to prospective students that aim to broaden the skills and knowledge which they will need to fulfill the tasks set before them in their future roles as IAN crew and officers. PAMA is open to all members of the Grand Alliance of The Royal Manticoran Navy, and participation from our foreign members is strongly encouraged, however PAMA is operated differently than other military academies: A strong background in leadership, starting in the Enlisted School, is transferred throughout our courses. The IAN’s tactics differ on stances such as the conduct of LAC tactics and the use of missiles. The scope of the entire Imperium as a multi-system polity makes it remarkably different from the Manticoran or Grayson concepts of system/alliance defense.

Enlisted Training Center

After taking Intro to TRMN 1, 2, 3, the Frederick the Great Enlisted Training Center courses are designed to familiarize students with the basic history of the TRMN, IAN, and space warfare in general, along with other information dealing with aspects of military life.

Course Name Course Number Prerequisites
Hauptbootsmann Course PAMA-IAN-0004 Intro to TRMN 1, 2, 3
Stabsbootsmann Course PAMA-IAN-0005 PAMA-IAN-0004 & GPU-ALC-0009
Oberstabsbootsmann Course PAMA-IAN-0006 PAMA-IAN-0005 & GPU-ALC-0010

Officer Training Center

In the Admiral Scheer College of Naval Leadership, prospective officers learn everything they need to know to lead a department, command a ship, or command a fleet. The Officer Corps of the IAN are taught differently than other naval counterparts: courses are not based around specific events in the Honorverse but on members who have been influential upon the conduct of Naval combat. Students should be aware that reading on certain crucial persons in history is strongly emphasized as part of the curriculum.

Course Name Course Number Prerequisites
Leutnant der Sterne Course PAMA-IAN-0101 PAMA-IAN-0004
Oberleutnant der Sterne Course PAMA-IAN-0102 PAMA-IAN-0101
Kapitänleutnant Course PAMA-IAN-0103 PAMA-IAN-0102
Korvettenkapitän Course PAMA-IAN-0104 PAMA-IAN-0103 & GPU-ALC-0113
Fregattenkapitän Course PAMA-IAN-0105 PAMA-IAN-0104
Kapitän der Sterne Course PAMA-IAN-0106 PAMA-IAN-0105 & GPU-ALC-0115

War College

In the tradition of the fearless founder, Gustav I Anderman, the Gustav I Command College of Space Warfare strives to produce the next leaders of our Navy. The education is a fusion of Chinese military philosophy with the discipline of the German military applied to naval strategy and fleet management. This unique program allows the heritage of the Andermani people to be combined with the founder’s leadership ability to create some of the best military minds in the galaxy.

Course Name Course Number Prerequisites
Flotillenadmiral Course PAMA-IAN-1001 PAMA-IAN-0106
Konteradmiral Course PAMA-IAN-1002 PAMA-IAN-1001 & GPU-ALC-1111
Vizeadmiral Course PAMA-IAN-1003 PAMA-IAN-1002 & GPU-ALC-1112
Großadmiral Course PAMA-IAN-1004 PAMA-IAN-1003
Großadmiral der Flotte Course PAMA-IAN-1005 PAMA-IAN-1004