Isaiah Mackenzie Naval Academy

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Main Line Training Center (MLTC)
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Saganami Island Naval College
Isaiah Mackenzie Naval College
Kaiserlische Andermanische Prinz-Adlebert Marineakademie
Republic of Haven Naval College
Grand Alliance Advanced Tactical Center

The Isaiah Mackenzie Naval Academy (IMNA) has served the Sword and Grayson for generations. With the integration into the Grand Alliance Naval Academy, we seek to not only heighten our standards, but to lead the charge in the technological race against all future enemies using the time-honored methods of the best classroom and hands-on training currently available anywhere.

Enlisted Training Center

After taking Intro to TRMN 1, 2, 3, the Enlisted Training Center continues the process of taking a Steader and turning them into the Edge of the Sword. Newly created spacers learn the ins and outs of military life and the basics needed to progress, survive, and rise to their Test. As the spacer progresses in rank, they learn additional skills through GPU coursework such as leadership and management. We test their knowledge of military history, Grayson standard knowledge, and practical information needed to perform their jobs.

Course Name Course Number Prerequisites
Senior Chief Petty Officer Course IMNA-GSN-0004 Intro to TRMN 1, 2, 3
Master Chief Petty Officer Course IMNA-GSN-0005 IMNA-GSN-0004 & GPU-ALC-0009
Senior Master Chief Petty Officer Course IMNA-GSN-0006 IMNA-GSN-0005 & GPU-ALC-0010

Warrant Officer Training Center

At the WOTC, the Sword’s Edge is turned, folded, and beaten into a stronger, harder, yet more flexible blade. Lessons learned earlier in the spacer’s career are used as the basis of the change and additional information, knowledge, and skills are hammered in making the finest weapon possible.

Course Name Course Number Prerequisites
Basic Warrant Course IMNA-GSN-0011 IMNA-GSN-0004
Senior Chief Warrant Course IMNA-GSN-0012 IMNA-GSN-0011
Senior Master Chief Warrant Course IMNA-GSN-0013 IMNA-GSN-0012

Officer Training Center

The Officer course sequence introduces students to higher levels of responsibility associated with assuming a commission in Her Majesty’s Navy and serving as an officer aboard RMN vessels.

Course Name Course Number Prerequisites
Ensign IMNA-GSN-0101 IMNA-GSN-0004
Lieutenant (JG) IMNA-GSN-0102 IMNA-GSN-0101
Lieutenant (SG) IMNA-GSN-0103 IMNA-GSN-0102
Lieutenant Commander IMNA-GSN-0104 IMNA-GSN-0103 & GPU-ALC-0113
Commander IMNA-GSN-0105 IMNA-GSN-0104
Captain IMNA-GSN-0106 IMNA-GSN-0105 & GPU-ALC-0115

War College

IMNA’s War College provides the final tempering and polish to an already fine weapon. The arts of tactics and strategy are fitted further becoming the sheath within which the Sword’s Edge rests. By the time an individual completes these final courses in the Career Advancement Curriculum, they will be, without a doubt, the keenest Edge possible, projecting the Sword’s decrees and policies.

Course Name Course Number Prerequisites
Command Ethics Course IMNA-GSN-1000 IMNA-GSN-0106
Commodore IMNA-GSN-1001 IMNA-GSN-1000
Rear Admiral IMNA-GSN-1002 IMNA-GSN-1001 & GPU-ALC-1111
Vice Admiral IMNA-GSN-1003 IMNA-GSN-1002 & GPU-ALC-1112
Admiral IMNA-GSN-1004 IMNA-GSN-1003
High Admiral Course IMNA-GSN-1005 IMNA-GSN-1004