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The Warrant Officers' School is a separate faculty within the IMNA campus. Here, senior enlisted personnel (at minimum, Senior Chief Petty Officers) are further groomed for leadership roles as warrant officers of the Flag GSN.png Grayson Space Navy. Within The Royal Manticoran Navy: The Official Honor Harrington Fan Association, Inc., this organization mentors and develops enlisted members to meet the requirements for advancement to the warrant officer pay grades.

As with the enlisted courses, equivalent training from other military services may be subsituted to meet the pre-requisites; for example, the RMN's SIA-RMN-0004 would be considered to be the same as IMNA-GSN-0004 as a pre-requisite to IMNA-GSN-0011.

Courses Available

The following courses are currently available from the Warrant Officers' School::

Course Name Prerequisite Paygrade(s) Unlocked
Grayson Space Navy - Warrant Officer Courses
IMNA-GSN-0011 Basic Warrant Officer Course IMNA-GSN-0004 WO-1 Warrant Officer
WO-2 Chief Warrant Officer
IMNA-GSN-0012 Senior Chief Warrant Officer Course IMNA-GSN-0011 WO-3 Senior Chief Warrant Officer
WO-4 Master Chief Warrant Officer
IMNA-GSN-0013 Senior Master Chief Warrant Officer Course IMNA-GSN-0012 WO-5 Senior Master Chief Warrant Officer

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