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The Tenth Fleet is one of the numbered fleets within The Royal Manticoran Navy: The Official Honor Harrington Fan Association, Inc.. Commanded by RADM Sir Drakkus Heath RMN, this fleet's area of operations includes the American states of Alaska, California, Idaho, Hawai'i, Oregon, Nevada, and Washington as well as the Canadian provinces of British Columbia and the Yukon Territory.


The Tenth Fleet was established in 2011 with the Naval Directive 11FB-07 from the First Space Lord, FADM Lord Sir Scott Akers, to then-RADM Chrissy Killian to assume command of the fleet. HMLAC Grimalkin formed in the Los Angeles area in February of 2012, under the command of then-LTSG Christopher Beilby. The very first hyper-capable vessel to commission within the fleet was the lead ship of the Roland-class, HMS Roland, in May of 2012, based in the city of San Jose, California, under the command of then-LCDR Jack Yeager. Two months later, the Nike-class battlecruiser HMS Truculent formed in Seattle, WA, under the command of CAPTJG Timothy Monk. Grimalkin would upgrade to the Roland-class destroyer HMS Bedivere, the following year, and then again to the famous Star Knight-class Heavy Cruiser HMS Merlin.

With those three vessels operating and growing their crews, the fleet remained in that configuration until the fleet saw a major growth spurt beginning on April 15, 2014, when the Nike-class HMS Artemis formed in San Francisco, California, under the command of CAPTSG Sir Thomas Marrone, KR. In Oregon, the Agamemnon-class battlecruiser HMS Black Rose commissioned on April 19th at NorWesCon, under the command of CAPTJG James Sena. Shortly afterwards during BayCon 2014 on Memorial Day Weekend, HMS Wolf formed in the California Central Valley, under the command of then-CAPTJG James Jones. Less than a month later, Task Group 91.1 was formed under the command of Sir Thomas, with Artemis as his flagship.

Black Rose and Truculent's efforts led to major growth in the Pacific Northwest, with HMS Andromeda (Everett, WA) and HMS Helen (Hillsboro, OR) commissioning in October. These two new battlecruisers helped to form Battlecruiser Squadron 96 as a result, with Black Rose and Helen forming one division (BatCruDiv 961), while Truculent and Andromeda formed the other (BatCruDiv 962).

2015 has seen more expansion, especially with the first vessel to launch in British Columbia during February, HMS Callisto under the command of CAPT Jenni Merrifield, GSN. Callisto joined BatCruDiv 962 upon commissioning. BayCon saw another vessel launching in May, with the first LAC Carrier in Tenth Fleet to form, HMS Cerberus, under Captain Jones' command, spinning off from his former command, Wolf. In June, the Kamerling-class Light Cruiser HMS Eardsidh Kamerling launched in southeastern Washington under the command of CDR Terry Banta, and joined BatCruDiv 961 as a screening element. The following month, HMLAC Cochrane launched in San Diego under the command of LTJG Thomas Grellner, joining Task Group 91.1. Grimalkin rejoined Tenth Fleet under the command of LTSG Tim Simpson, patrolling San Diego.

In November, Artemis upgraded to HMS Medusa under the command of CDRE Michael Garcia, becoming the very first superdreadnought in the fleet, and became the flagship of Tenth Fleet after Admiral Fontana Flats transferred her flag aboard. Later that month, RHNS Seljuk and GNS Madrigal commissioned at OryCon 37 in Portland, while Merlin and Grimalkin upgraded to Artemis and Bedivere, respectively.

BatCruDiv963 formed in 2016, under the command of Madrigal 's commanding officer, CAPT Robert Demkiw, GSN. Medusa launched a pinnace in preparation for a new destroyer in Sacramento (HM Pinnace Medusa-01). HMS Hellhound was the first ship to be commissioned in 2016, under the command of LCDR Sir Mark Gledhill, KE, expanding the British Columbia presence from two ships to three. HMS Chainshot commissioned at BayCon 2016, under the command of then-CDR Sir Joseph Harney, KCE, returning Medusa's pinnace back to the boat bay. In June, Hellhound joined BatCruDiv963, while Roland and Chainshot formed DesDiv231, under the command of CDR Jack Yeager. Wolf and Cerberus merged to form HMS Thunderer in July, under the command of CAPTJG Sonja Thiede. GNS Randolph Candless commissioned in early August under the command of CAPT Aaron Davis, GSN. Artemis and Randolph Candless formed BatCruDiv 921 under the command of CAPTSG Beilby. During August, Roland and Chainshot upgraded to Superdreadnoughts, commissioning HMS Intractable and HMS Revenge, respectively.

Battle Squadron 2 formed in early September 2016, under the command of CDRE Sir Joseph Harney, with subordinate echelon forces in Battle Division 201 (Medusa and Intractable) and Battle Division 202 (Thunderer and Revenge). Later that month, Madrigal and Hellhound upgraded to the Superdreadnought GNS Jason Mueller and Light Cruiser HMS Avalon, respectively. As a result, BatCruDiv 963 was dissolved, and both vessels along with Callisto were placed on detached duty within Tenth Fleet.

Tenth Fleet Commanding Officers

# Name Flagship(s) Assumed Relieved
1 ADM Lady Chrissy Killian, OCN, QBM HMS Roland
HMS Wolf
HMS Medusa
HMS Truculent
GNS Randolph Candless
HMS Thunderer
9 Mar 2011 31 Dec 2017
2 RADM Sir James Jones HMS Thunderer
HMS Guadalcanal
1 Jan 2018[1] 1 Jan 2020
3 RADM Sir Drakkus Heath, KDE, SC, OG, CBM 1 Jan 2020[2] Incumbent

Tenth Fleet Deputy Commanding Officers

# Name Ship Assumed Relieved CO
1 CDRE James Sena, QCB, KDE, CGM HMS Black Rose 13 Jul 2014 10 Sep 2016 ADM Killian
2 CDRE James Jones, SC, OE, OG, GS, CGM HMS Thunderer 10 Sep 2016 31 Dec 2017
3 CDRE Jenni Merrifield, OE, DSO, CBM, GSN HMS Callisto 1 Jan 2018 7 Feb 2019 RADM Jones
4 CDRE Sir Drakkus Heath, KDE, SC, OG, CBM HMS Callisto 7 Feb 2019 Incumbent RADM Jones

Tenth Fleet Senior Master Chief Petty Officers

# Name Ship Assumed Relieved CO
1 FSMCPO Michael Garcia, OC, GS HMS Artemis 01 Jun 2014 30 Aug 2015 ADM Killian
2 FSMCPO Neil Davis HMS Thunderer 04 Sep 2015 24 May 2017
3 FSMCPO William Cain III, OC, QBM GNS Randolph Candless 24 May 2017[3] 11 Jan 2019 ADM Killian
RADM Jones
3 FMCPO Johnathan Perkins-Woeck, GS, QBM , RHN HMS Truculent 11 Jan 2019 Incumbent RADM Jones
RADM Heath

Fleet Headquarters Unit

Order of Battle

Space Station

  • HMSS Talbott (SS-110): All naval personnel in the Tenth Naval District not on a ship's crew roster are assigned to HMSS Talbott as their holding chapter.

Task Group 91.1

Main article: Task Group 91.1

TG 91.1 is under the command of RADM James Jones, RMN, and patrols California.

Task Group Members

The following task group members are not currently assigned to any echelon force:

Battle Squadron 2 (BatRon 2)

Main article: BatRon 2

BatRon 2 is under the command of CDRE Joseph Harney, RMN, and is assigned to Task Group 91.1. This Squadron is comprised of two Divisions of three Superdreadnoughts.

Battlecruiser Division 921 (BatCruDiv 921)

Main article: BatCruDiv 921

BatCruDiv 921 is under the command of CAPTSG Christopher Beilby, RMN, and is assigned to Task Group 91.1.

Battlecruiser Squadron 96 (BatCruRon 96)

Main article: BatCruRon 96

BatCruRon 96 is under the command of CDRE James Sena, RHN, and patrols the Pacific Northwestern United States. This Squadron is comprised of three Battlecruisers and a screening element.

Designated Stations

Victoria Station consists of one task group, TG 94.1.

Task Group 94.1

Main article: Task Group 94.1

TG 94.1 is under the command of CDRE Robert Demkiw, GSN, and patrols British Columbia and Washington.

Detached Units

The following units are not assigned to any echelon force within Tenth Fleet, and are considered to be on detached duty:

RMMC Tenth Expeditionary Force

All Royal Manticoran Marine Corps personnel in Tenth Fleet make up the Tenth Expeditionary Force.

Former Echelons and Member Vessels

The following echelons were formerly assigned to the Tenth Fleet:

The following vessels were formerly assigned to the Tenth Fleet:

Tenth Fleet Orders

Related Orders and Directives


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