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The Fifth Space Lord heads the Bureau of Personnel, or BuPers. This person, for the level of work they do, is awarded at least the minimum rank of Rear Admiral of the Red, but may go as high as Admiral of the Green depending on prior standing. The Fifth Space Lord is also known as Chief Personnel Officer.

The Office of the Fifth Space Lord is responsible for maintaining and processing new memberships within the membership database. The membership database tracks the membership information provided by Chapter Commanding Officers and Saganami Island instructors. It also shares chapter related membership information, such as courses completed, awards earned and promotions received with Commanding Officers. Assistance is also provided to the Second Space Lord with regards to the Bureau of Planning’s recruiting efforts.

Besides the Fifth Space Lord and his/her staff, BuPers consists of the following offices:

  • MEDUSA Data Processing Center – responsible for maintaining and updating the MEDUSA Data Base System.
  • Office of Awards – responsible for processing the higher awards issued to members of TRMN, Inc. as well as issuing the Manticoran Reserved Service Medal (MRSM) for Officers and the Good Conduct Medal (GCM) for Enlisted Personnel. The latter is done on a quarterly basis.
  • Office of Retention – responsible for promulgating retention ideas and sharing them on Facebook and TRMN Forums. The Office of Retention will also assist Chapters in creating their own retention plans and assisting them in all of their retention efforts.

Space Lords of TRMN
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